What is the harm of x-rays to the body

X-rays, as a rule, is indicated for suspected fractures, injuries, in cardiovascular diseases. It allows you to determine whether operative intervention in a particular case. The main factor of the damage this method of diagnosis – exposure of the human body. If do x-rays very often, the appearance of tumors. The harmful effects of x-rays on the body depend on radiation dose and to the irradiated body. For example, diseases of the blood can appear because of the action of x-rays on the bone marrow and genetic diseases due to exposure of the genitals.
After x-rays possible temporal changes in the composition of the blood, large doses of x-rays appear irreversible changes in its composition.

For a healthy person a preventive study using x-rays, which is held once or twice a year, will not cause harm. To pass such examinations twice a year are obliged workers of food industry and food trade, as well as people whose work is associated with direct contact with other people. To date, constantly taking measures to improve radiation safety during radiological examinations.

How to reduce the harm of x-rays during diagnosis

In recent years, x-ray examinations are replaced by alternative methods: computed tomography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance therapy. They are more effective at diagnosis and more secure. For those who it is impossible to diagnose without an x-ray, as well as for patients that x-rays should be done on the course of the disease, to objectively evaluate the condition, the study make as long as deemed necessary by the physician. All medical appointments must be reasonable. You can't do an x-ray children under the age of fifteen, and pregnant women.
Women in the lactation study using x-ray allowed, because the mother's milk is not irradiated and, therefore, harm the health of the child they will not cause.

In that situation, if the child is ill, for diagnosis requires x-rays, this study was conducted with minimal care. The body of the child close with a special protective material, leaving open only the area of the body, the which you want to do. To try to reduce their own risk exposure during the x-ray is recommended to close your eyes. You also need to ask the doctor that during the study the whole body, except for area, the which to do, was covered by a protective material.