On x-ray picture you can see the condition of the lungs. If they began the inflammatory process, such as tuberculosis, the picture will be dark spots. Because of the high incidence of tuberculosis in Russia, doctors in public hospitals often require that patients results of chest x-ray before you start taking. Many medical cards withdrawn one page specifically for printing on the annual passage of x-rays.
If the light is needed urgently (or you have no registration at place of residence), it is better to go to a private clinic, as they typically give the result immediately. If time is suffering, in a state clinic. Then the result you will get a period of a couple of days to weeks. In addition, for snapshot will ask for your passport and medical insurance policy.
Busy people should pay attention to mobile fluorography rooms. Machine with special equipment are used in rural areas and in cities inside the areas stop for a day or two on the areas or near parks. Using this option, it is important to clarify where and when you will get the result in his hands.
For the picture you need to strip to the waist, remove jewelry from the neck. If a woman wears lingerie with no underwire, your doctor may resolve to remove him (and men, to leave a shirt or t-shirt). Then you need to stand in front of a device's screen, draw the mouth into a special hole, put your hands on the belt and to keep your shoulders back, pressed against this chest. The doctor will go behind a protective screen with first a deep breath, and then hold your breath (briefly). You can then get dressed and wait for the results of the survey.