Advice 1: How do chest x-rays

The x-ray variation x-ray examination, doctors recommend adults do at least once a year. Most of all - to study the condition of the lungs. Pass it today for a few minutes in public or private clinics, mobile points.
The result of fluorography
On x-ray picture you can see the condition of the lungs. If they began the inflammatory process, such as tuberculosis, the picture will be dark spots. Because of the high incidence of tuberculosis in Russia, doctors in public hospitals often require that patients results of chest x-ray before you start taking. Many medical cards withdrawn one page specifically for printing on the annual passage of x-rays.
If the light is needed urgently (or you have no registration at place of residence), it is better to go to a private clinic, as they typically give the result immediately. If time is suffering, in a state clinic. Then the result you will get a period of a couple of days to weeks. In addition, for snapshot will ask for your passport and medical insurance policy.
Busy people should pay attention to mobile fluorography rooms. Machine with special equipment are used in rural areas and in cities inside the areas stop for a day or two on the areas or near parks. Using this option, it is important to clarify where and when you will get the result in his hands.
For the picture you need to strip to the waist, remove jewelry from the neck. If a woman wears lingerie with no underwire, your doctor may resolve to remove him (and men, to leave a shirt or t-shirt). Then you need to stand in front of a device's screen, draw the mouth into a special hole, put your hands on the belt and to keep your shoulders back, pressed against this chest. The doctor will go behind a protective screen with first a deep breath, and then hold your breath (briefly). You can then get dressed and wait for the results of the survey.
Fluoroscopy is appointed with caution for pregnant women and children up to 15 years. Nursing mothers it is carried out in case of emergency.
Useful advice
Put in the phone an annual reminder of the need to undergo chest x-rays. So you insure yourself from the hassle when you need urgent medical assistance.

Advice 2: Is it possible to do x-rays during lactation

To undergo a medical examination when applying for a job or when obtaining a driver's license of all people is directed to the passage of x-rays to reveal the dangerous diseases of the respiratory system. But for lactating women this survey is unsafe. The decision about the need for this survey is taken by the doctor.
Is it possible to do x-rays during lactation

What do chest x-rays

The apparatus is designed to determine the lung condition and the presence of tumors or other non-specific entities. In norm the survey is carried out once a year. In recent times, allowed to pass him twice for certain categories of people. Determining in the early stages of the disease, it may be more likely to cure without consequences for further activity. In addition, by defining a sick person, he was immediately isolated in quarantine because of the possibility to transmit the disease to healthy people.

Whom chest x-rays must pass mandatory

For many young mothers fluoroscopy is a prerequisite for discharge from the hospital.
If the family or close environment there are ill or previously ill with tuberculosis or other infectious disease of the respiratory system; if the contact is the person with a positive Mantoux test; if region of residence is marked by a large number of cases of tuberculosis. If some of the paragraphs are in the affirmative, to undergo chest x-rays need even a nursing mother.

Harmful if chest x-ray while breastfeeding

Lactation is complicated and diagnosis, and treatment of women. Many diseases lactating woman forced to treat safe drugs, in order not to harm the baby feeding on her breast milk. Make the decision about necessity of passage of x-rays should the doctor, assessing all the risks. If it is possible to defer this examination, it is better to do it before the date of cessation of feeding. But if the doctor decides in favor of the survey, you should consider some recommendations.

If possible, it is best to replace chest x-rays x-ray the lungs. The degree of exposure in this case is much lower.
Fluoroscopy does not guarantee that you are not sick with tuberculosis. Accurate way to determine this is a blood test.
Please note that fluoroscopy is of two types: film and digital. Currently more commonly used digital method of research, as he has proved himself as a more safer and easier to decrypt. In passing it is necessary to learn, how you will view, and warn about your status of nursing mothers.

After irradiation of breast milk will need to decant it unsafe for feeding. At this time it is better to feed the baby adapted milk formula or previously expressed breast milk.

Advice 3: How often do x-rays

Fluorography is a method of radiological research, which is the photographed image obtained by x-rays on a special screen. Because tissues of different density is passed through itself, the radiation unequally, their structure is reflected in the picture taken in the form of more light or dark areas. Doctors recommend to do x-rays even healthy people.
How often do x-rays
A chest x-ray is a standard procedure. The results of the study are used for the diagnosis of diseases of the heart, lungs, thoracic glands. Using this method you can be detected:
- areas of inflammation;
- tumors;
- the cavity that represent the pathological formation (cavities, cysts, abscesses);
- fibrosis;
- the presence of foreign objects etc.
Procedure x-ray study does not require any prior training. To obtain the snapshot you need to go into the stall of the apparatus, and then to take the correct position, following the instructions of the doctor, and for a few seconds to hold your breath. If the picture is not discovered anything suspicious, be issued a medical report (certificate of passage of x-rays may be needed when applying for a job).
According to the existing Russian rules, healthy (adults) need is a chest 1 time a year. This dose is harmless to humans, not suffering from any ailments.
However, there are groups of people who need to do x-rays more often – twice a year. Among them:
workers of maternity hospitals, sanatoria, tuberculosis dispensaries, etc.;
- suffering from tuberculosis or other respiratory diseases.
workers of areas in which there is an increased risk of Contracting TB (e.g. childminders);
- people with serious chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma, ulcer, etc.).
Today, modern medicine has stepped far forward, and it used electronic digital fluorographs, which are harmful to human health radiation is reduced by 5-10 times. These devices have other advantages such as the ability to quickly obtain images, with the exception of the probability of defective (uninformative) images.
Fluorography not conduct to children under 15 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people with some chronic diseases of a specific nature. In the latter case, that x-rays cannot be done, should inform the patient's doctor.
Useful advice
Using fluoroscopy of the lungs can reveal a malignant tumor or tuberculosis at an early stage, when no symptoms of the disease and diagnosis of the disease difficult. When complaints of constant chronic cough, lethargy, shortness of breath, it is recommended to undergo this procedure.
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