You will need
  • Water
Before watering begonia, you must prepare the water. Normal tap water is too hard, so it's best to defend it in an open container for a day to rid it of chlorine. Further soften its filtering by normal household filter or boiling. Can be used to soften garden peat. To do this, put 1 kilogram of peat in permeable package in 10 liters of water, this way the soil will become more acidic.
Water the plant evenly, it should be done at the same time, preferably in the morning. In summer water should be enough, otherwise the foliage will wilt. Depending on the ambient temperature, watering begonias make a day or once in several days.
In winter, water the flower as drying of the soil in the pot. This is normally weeks. If the room temperature is not too high, you can water the plant with warm water. After the earth dries, proryhlit the top layer to a depth of one centimeter. This will keep a sufficient level of humidity inside the pot.
For irrigation you can use the method of immersion of the pot. To do this in a deep bowl, larger than the diameter of the pot is filled with softened water. Immerse the flower in water and wait until it soaked the ground ball through the drainage holes at the bottom of the bowls. This is enough for 15-20 minutes. Then put the pot on the tray, if it leaked too much water, then pour it in an hour.