Begonias in the home can bloom in winter and summer. Decorative flowering have bright blossoms in various shades, and decorative foliage are appreciated for the lush and beautiful foliage.

Care for begonia: basic rules

Begonia cannot be called capricious plant, but it requires special attention. So the flower is not missing in the home, you need to follow basic rules of care:

  • Spot for begonias. Begonias do not tolerate direct sunlight, but likes a light place. Deciduous varieties can grow in partial shade, but blooming requires a lot of light. The pots with these flowers it is better to put on the East and North Windows. It is important to remember that the plant does not tolerate frequent change of place, with constant changing lighting conditions and temperatures, the begonia can die.
  • Watering and humidity. In summer, watering should be frequent and abundant. At home begonia can not tolerate dry air, it should regularly moisturize. For example, a pot to put the tray with expanded clay and water, which will evaporate and humidify the air. The winter reduce watering begonias fertilize or repot, pot not turn.
  • The temperature regime. In the summer the room temperature should be 20-22°C, in winter – no higher than 15°C. Length deciduous varieties in the winter to ensure the temperature of 10-12°C.

If the begonia is not blooming, but not affected by diseases and pests, look for causes in the wrong care: insufficient or excessive watering, draughts, abnormal temperatures, etc.

Planting begonias

Begonia is not demanding to the soil, it is possible to prepare a soil mixture of leaf soil, peat and topsoil. On the bottom of the pot you can put a small layer of sand. Transplanted plants as needed when the roots are not placed in the old pot. This procedure is best performed in early spring. The roots of begonias should be gently out of the pot and clean away soil, remove the rotten parts and put the root system in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

After transplantation it is necessary to carefully monitor the plants carefully watered as drying of the soil and not to expose the leaves to direct sunlight. Begonias take root in the new pot for 1 month.

How and when to feed begonias?

To begonia in the home feel comfortable and blooming profusely, she needs fertilizer. Comprehensive minerals you need to make in the spring and summer during active growth and laying the buds. The shop sells special compounds for flowering begonias, which make the soil 1-2 times per week. Decorative-deciduous plants stop fertilizing in the fall, and flowering after disappear all of the inflorescence.

Begonia can be called the Queen of houseplants. With proper care and constant attention she gives lush flowering and bright foliage. A huge number of varieties allows you to grow plants with red, pink, white, yellow, cream buds of different sizes.