How is the puncture of the maxillary sinus

The main indication for the puncture - no improvement after the conservative treatment of sinusitis. Procedure also make severe the condition of the patient with headaches, pain in the region of the maxillary sinus, the detection of accumulations of blood, fluid in the sinus, in the case of complete obstruction of the natural sinus fistula. Before the puncture is not required special training. At the beginning of the procedure, the doctor makes local anesthesia. To do this he impregnates lidocaine wound on a thin spatula a piece of fleece. After that, he enters deep into his nostril to freeze the puncture site.
The sinus puncture is contraindicated in acute or chronic infectious diseases, hypertension, diabetes under decompensation, early childhood, as well as abnormal development of the maxillary sinus.

The puncture is performed a large needle with a curved end. The doctor inserts it under the inferior turbinate at a distance of 2 cm from its front end. If the needle is correctly entered, after a little effort she goes through the bone. The doctor plunges the needle into the sinus to a depth of 0.5 cm, then performs a few shaking movements. After that, he removes the contents of the sinus and produces lavage of the cavity with a solution of antiseptics.

In some cases, all manipulations are carried out through a specially installed drainage for the outflow of purulent content. During the procedure, the patient should open his mouth and sit up, tilting your head forward to escaping fluid with pus and mucus were not included in the windpipe. At the end of the maxillary sinus is entered antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to stop the inflammatory process.

The consequences of puncture of the maxillary sinus

Puncture of the maxillary sinus allows you to effectively remove the purulent content to determine its character. In the future, it helps to make an accurate diagnosis and to choose the right treatment needed. The hole in the bone wall from puncture is delayed about a month, without special treatment.
In most cases, the procedure is without complications.

When performing puncture of the maxillary sinus complications. Due to damage of blood vessels may appear epistaxis. Often it is insignificant and easily stopped. When you puncture the upper wall of the possible orbital sinus puncture, under puncture of the anterior wall - genal puncture. A complication of puncture of the maxillary sinus is an acute air embolism.