Care of your teeth with a salt: a little history

Salt as a means to care for teeth was open, thanks to a Dutch inventor Anthony Vann Leeuwenhoek in 1674. He made 2 open simultaneously discovered the world of microbes and immediately found a way of dealing with them.

Once the scientist decided to examine under the microscope flush with their teeth and were amazed to see a lot of swarming creatures. Given the antimicrobial properties of salt, he wiped her teeth, and with a new flush microbes were detected. After this experiment until the end of his life (he lived scientist 93) the inventor was brushing my teeth with salt.

Recipes brushing teeth with salt

For the first simplest recipe you will need the salt of milling №1 (do not use salt "extra" or iodized). Before beginning the procedure of cleaning teeth with salt and wash your hands well, as they will play the role of a toothbrush. Type in the mouth about 1 tsp salt (no slides), place it under the tongue and wait until it melts. Then saline with language, wipe the teeth with all sides.
Note to prevent damage to gums salt solution should not contain salt crystals.

After the salt has dissolved completely, using your thumb and index fingers, begin to massage the gums from their base to the teeth. Massage the gums thoroughly, but without much pressure, as this may damage the mucosa. This massage is recommended to do 2 times, the break should rinse the mouth with cold water.
In the case of burning the gums support the water in your mouth until the cessation of pain.

However, simply massaging the fingers not ensures complete cleansing. That is why this method is considered to be primary. Using fingers instead of a toothbrush, you can achieve greater effect. To do the saline solution and just dip it in it.

Thus stick to the basic rules of cleaning with a toothbrush:
- need to brush your teeth no less than 1-2 minutes;
- the brush should be angled 45K teeth and gums;
- in order to avoid transferring of germs is recommended to brush your teeth in two stages - first the lower tooth row, then the top;
- starts cleaning the front teeth, gradually moving to the back;
- the bottom row to clean from the bottom up and the top - on the contrary;
- the chewing surface of teeth to clean in a circular motion;
- after rinsing the mouth one should clean the tongue.

There is also a more complicated recipe with salt. For this, you will need:
- small sea salt;
- chopped banana peel (dry);
- pine extract;
- olive oil.

All these ingredients should be mixed in the same amount (about ¼ teaspoon) and a good grind. 1 teaspoon of mixture is enough for 1-2 uses. The whole cleaning process is the same as in the previous recipe.

Strong and healthy you teeth!