Kitchenette in accordance with the rules of construction

The design and layout of the kitchenette in the apartments spelled out in the rulebook under the title "residential Buildings". Under this SP, the kitchen is a utility room for cooking, no dining room areas, separated by a partition or wall (can be separated only with three sides). In this kitchen must be forced ventilation and stove. As a rule, a niche design Studio apartments, so as not to waste area on the layout of two rooms – living and kitchen. The area of such area shall not be less than 5 square meters – this is the minimum necessary to accommodate everything you need for cooking.

Kitchenette does not have to have natural lighting, which also saves on construction – ample Windows, which are located in the living room.

Many modern apartments in new buildings planned in this way, with open kitchen, and in the older housing tends to be redevelopment. To equip a niche for the kitchen and tear down the barrier between living and kitchen room, it is necessary to develop the project and submit it to housing inspection.

Kitchen optional to design living rooms it can be in the hallway or even closet.

Advantages and disadvantages of food-niche

Kitchenette allows you to visually expand the space, this is especially important for small apartments with small rooms. This layout saves space that would have gone to the wall and door installation. This kitchen allows the hostess or chef, in the kitchen, chat with the guests, listen to music, watch the kids or watch TV. From the point of view of interior design kitchen is an interesting and fashionable decision, it is possible the original design using the design elements are visually separated from the dwelling.

Kitchen has several significant disadvantages. First, the smells and the sounds spread throughout the room – noise microwave or the dishwasher will interfere with people in the living room. Second, such a kitchen is very important to maintain perfect order, as living at once lose its attractive appearance. The kitchen can be left for a time scattered towels, cups and plates standing out of place, unwashed dishes in the sink, while a niche requires constant purity.

Plan kitchen niche

Small kitchen area-niche can become an advantage rather than a disadvantage, if all to plan. There is a rule of the kitchen triangle – the distance between the three main areas storing, butchering, and cooking (fridge, sink with working table and stove) should be small so that you can quickly and conveniently move between them. The most common but not the most convenient way to plan kitchen-niche – is to build all the kitchen furniture in a single row, if space allows. But it is more appropriate area, built along two walls. If the niche is deep enough, it is better to arrange the furniture with the letter "P" or along two walls.