The three most popular way of moving to a permanent residence in Japan is a change of citizenship through marriage, higher education and work in the territory of that state. The least reliable and most dangerous in this list is marriage. This method is only possible if you have reliable friends willing to vouch for the person with whom you enter into marriage, as most of the sites devoted to pimping citizens Japan citizens other countries at best are just "dummies". Use this method only being fully confident in a partner.
When moving using the pretext of education all depends on your knowledge of the Japanese language: if you know it, you can apply for higher education, both the first and second, and also the training school to the Institute. If you don't know Japanese language, then the maximum that you can count on is Japanese language schools. A visa under the pretext of studying the Japanese language has two options: obtain a visa for three months, and visa for one year. The first option is highly inconvenient, because you have no right to work, and after three months you are required to leave regardless of the circumstances. If you choose to receive a visa for a year, you have the opportunity to work, and you can extend it an infinite number of times in order to teach at a language school and for admission to the University, and to obtain postoyannoi work.
If you are moving with a purpose is not training, and work in Japan, it is necessary to perfectly know Japanese or English. Without knowledge of these languages you will not be able to get even low-skilled jobs, not to mention to get a well-paid job. If you know Japanese, the best option would be to remotely track jobs and send your resume. If you get a job, your employer is obliged to take care of all paper work associated with your move, and in the shortest possible time. If he begins to hold up the process, look for another.