What can you learn in 90 days? First, let's assess the very summer time. It is warm, the sun, fresh air. It is not necessary to lock yourself in four walls, if only out of necessity or because of the circumstances. Better to pay attention to the mobile classroom, that will require you leaving the house, socializing with people and so on. To be open to the whole world not just at first, and then captures to the end.

TOP 10 lessons for the summer

From all classes for summer during the long deliberation, shrugs, wrinkling his forehead and making smart faces turned out a little list of the ten most interesting items. So, first place
Presents the TOP 10 is only a small part of what you can do, from collecting stamps to Cycling

Skateboarding – suitable for ages from teen to moderately average. Requires a lot of space, happens in the fresh air promotes health and contact with people.

Playing the guitar – it has long wanted and did not reach the hands? It's time to get out of the dusty closet tool and remember the first chords. Three months can with practice learn to play very well.

To learn a language Japanese or Chinese it is unlikely that you will go for this time, but English is. Alternatively, you can engage in Esperanto. It is believed that it is very easy for those who already own the basics of other languages.

Books – read all that has long been postponed. How is fresh air? No problem, do it at the cottage in the yard on the swings or on the Playground, on a bench in the Park – all at your service!

Typing is a very useful skill that requires a lot of time to learn. This helpful for your future career if she is associated with a set of texts.

Photography – don't forget that summer is very nice especially outside the city. Armed with a camera, not even necessarily a professional, and forward to the unexpected shots. Winter will be something to remember.

Dancing and more dancing – if young at heart and the body needs some warm up after a long winter, suitable incendiary Samba, elegant Rumba or a passionate Paso Doble.

Sculpting – pottery perfectly soothes, adjusts to the harmony with nature and the surrounding world. You will have a great time, make new friends in a circle in the classroom. And maybe find a antidepressant in the cold winter evenings.

To do potato fights – this would require a special pneumatic gun and a group of like-minded people. A great alternative to computer games!

To think about health and quit some bad habits. You will not be distracted by work, no stress, communication with nature – parting, for example, with a cigarette, it will be painless for you and others.

Don't waste any minute!

Time runs, flies, hastens very quickly.
The main secret of any successful business - not to postpone!

And seemingly long 90 days will pass very quickly. Start now to plan your holidays or vacations in order not to regret about aimlessly spent in winter, summer.