It is no secret that even a beautiful face loses its attractiveness if the woman frowns, grimaces, or sadly her lips compressed, but her eyes do not Shine. In such cases, appear early wrinkles, which will not save any expensive cream nor the most skilled massage. The first step in caring for yourself is stay in a good mood, in which the concern about appearance becomes not a burden, and pleasure with quick and pleasant result.
Any makeup not to hide unhealthy, porous skin sallow and the circles under his eyes, appearing from erratic power supply, poor lifestyle and constant lack of sleep. Therefore, the care of the person requires not only using the cleansing and regenerating agents, but compliance is.
As for cosmetics, your set should be: facial wash, scrub and two creams - moisturizing and revitalizing containing retinol and vitamins a, E and C, which are needed by any skin.
Of great importance in the care of the face is proper washing. To wash in the morning as follows: first 2-3 minutes, splash face with warm water, not touching it with your hands, then, whisking with a small amount of water in the palm of your hand a little bit foam cleanser, a light massage movements RUB it into the skin for several minutes and then the same as at the beginning of the splashing water so that the skin is filled with moisture. No need to wipe with a towel, let the water on face dry by itself. Then is applied to the face cream and makeup. Two or three times a week with a facial wash, it is recommended to replace a scrub to remove dead skin cells.
Hair care comes down to keeping them clean and pretty Packed. Once a week is recommended to use a hydrating mask. Dyeing the hair no more than once per month, consider the use of vegetable colors, for example, henna, which strengthens the hair and gives it a beautiful Shine.
As for body care, diet and physical exercises performed alone or in the fitness center will help you to maintain your figure and to get rid of cellulite and body cosmetics will give the skin a healthy look.
Learn to care for yourself is not difficult. The only thing you need is to make a decision to look good and to exhibit hardness, not doing yourself any favors. Start to look after themselves it is never too late, but the sooner you do, the more opportunities you will have to meet.