You will need
  • blade, steel wire of diameter 2 mm, file
Before starting work, be sure to disconnect the ground wire from the battery, to protect yourself from electric shock while carrying out these works. Then disconnect the ignition lock cylinder. To do this, take a small blade or any other sharp object and carefully pry the bezel of the ignition. Remove it and set aside.
How to remove ignition switch on Mercedes
After that, insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the first position. Next, find a small piece of steel wire with a diameter of about 2 mm and bend it in the shape of the letter "P". With a file grind the ends of the wire on the inner side at an angle of about 70 degrees. Paste the design into the grooves located on both sides of the lock, and push the wire. This will allow you to squeeze the clips that hold the cylinder.
Then disconnect the lower part of the instrument trim panel on the driver side. Disconnect lock electric connector, pre-noting its original position. Remember that on models fitted with diesel engines, it is necessary to mark also the vacuum hoses and disconnect them.
If you have a car with an automatic transmission, don't forget to Unscrew the wire that is connected to the ignition switch. Then slightly loosen the screw securing the ignition lock and press the lock pin. Next remove the ignition lock from the steering column. Ensure that throughout the process the key was in the first position.
How to remove ignition switch on Mercedes
During the installation watch carefully that the locking pin necessarily stood in the hole of the steering column, and only then tighten the screw, which is designed for fastening. Pay attention to correct connection of the electrical connector.
How to remove ignition switch on Mercedes