The word "master class" comes to us from English, namely master (master, a person possessing knowledge and experience in a particular field) and class (lesson, lesson). Today, this word became widespread, and now they call even the most mundane seminars.

In ordinary life, the master class takes place in the form of a seminar. That is, the "teacher" is trying to convey to the "students" all their experience, showing everything in the illustrative example. In this case, such classes are very similar to refresher courses.

There are special workshops for professionals. In this case, people can get acquainted with methods and best practices, and learn about new technologies.

Thus, the master class is being known as the professionals who share with students a unique methodology, developed and implemented by them. These masters share with their colleagues their own experiences, and help to find flaws in the work.

A master class allows the instructor to transfer the knowledge and experience to his students. And because similar studies suggest that direct and comment on the screening techniques work, faster learners understand all the nuances.

But there are master classes not only in the form of seminars, there are examples of such classes in the network. Master class online is a special lesson for the exchange of experience in a particular field. It can be trained in beading, creating websites, sewing soft toys, or making candy bouquets. In principle, anyone can create their own master class, which will help other people to do something.

The master class may be issued in the form of articles, with photos, illustrating each step of the action, or in the form of a video clip. The main condition – that the person without special preparation and knowledge can do what the "teacher".