What are the consequences of falling out of bed

There is no bed from which the child could fall. Even the highest grid can't be absolute protection from fallout, most agile acrobats climb up him, and sooner or later, these tricks end up flying upside down. You can imagine the fear of parents suddenly found themselves in this situation. According to doctors, 90% of all head injuries is fraught with the maximum only a slight concussion, passing without any treatment. But the situation may be quite serious, so if in doubt it is best perestrahovatsya and show the child the doctor. However, every parent should be able to determine the seriousness of the situation independently, in order to know whether to rush with the child to the emergency room immediately or you can wait, for example until the morning.

Possible consequences

The greatest danger represent a fall from a height more than two meters onto a hard surface. In this case, we can't wait another minute, you should quickly take the child to the hospital or call an ambulance, pre-describing to the operator the seriousness of the situation. Sometimes after a fall on the head there injury – bruises, bumps and abrasions. Most often they are quite harmless, and in some cases externally can't notice any damage at the time, as internal damage putting pressure on the brain and can become even fatal.

If the nose or ears clear or with a small admixture of blood, liquid, it can be simptomam fracture of the skull base, treatment which is surgery.

What you should pay attention

Parents of a child who fell out of bed, should be within the subsequent hours to carefully observe their child and immediately be wary if his behavior will show some oddities. Best of all, if they will adhere to the following list:
- Opens the child's eyes?
- Normally responds to the environment?
- The same whether the size of the pupil?
- If the pupils constrict when backlit looks their flashlight?
- Complains if the child has tingling or numbness in the hands and feet?
- Does he have any nausea or headaches?

Falling down the forehead are usually a lot less traumatic than landing the back of his head or temple.

Observation of the child

But even if all these signs are not observed, can be followed at least another day. If during this period the child starts vomiting, headaches, disturbance of sensation or even paralysis of the limbs, strabismus or wounds on head the bloodshed continues, you need that hour to deliver the baby in the hospital. If the child remains happy and calm and continues to eat with gusto, and about the past does not resemble anything, except the bumps on your forehead, you can relax – the fall was not dangerous. Nevertheless, you need to figure out how the child fell out of bed, and to take all necessary security measures so that the situation is not repeated.