Advice 1: What to do if a child fell out of bed

It can happen with every child, regardless of age and parents - falling out of bed. It can be quite a harmless phenomenon, or lead to significant injuries and even death. It all depends on the age of the child and height, with which he happened to fall.
What to do if a child fell out of bed

What are the consequences of falling out of bed

There is no bed from which the child could fall. Even the highest grid can't be absolute protection from fallout, most agile acrobats climb up him, and sooner or later, these tricks end up flying upside down. You can imagine the fear of parents suddenly found themselves in this situation. According to doctors, 90% of all head injuries is fraught with the maximum only a slight concussion, passing without any treatment. But the situation may be quite serious, so if in doubt it is best perestrahovatsya and show the child the doctor. However, every parent should be able to determine the seriousness of the situation independently, in order to know whether to rush with the child to the emergency room immediately or you can wait, for example until the morning.

Possible consequences

The greatest danger represent a fall from a height more than two meters onto a hard surface. In this case, we can't wait another minute, you should quickly take the child to the hospital or call an ambulance, pre-describing to the operator the seriousness of the situation. Sometimes after a fall on the head there injury – bruises, bumps and abrasions. Most often they are quite harmless, and in some cases externally can't notice any damage at the time, as internal damage putting pressure on the brain and can become even fatal.

If the nose or ears clear or with a small admixture of blood, liquid, it can be simptomam fracture of the skull base, treatment which is surgery.

What you should pay attention

Parents of a child who fell out of bed, should be within the subsequent hours to carefully observe their child and immediately be wary if his behavior will show some oddities. Best of all, if they will adhere to the following list:
- Opens the child's eyes?
- Normally responds to the environment?
- The same whether the size of the pupil?
- If the pupils constrict when backlit looks their flashlight?
- Complains if the child has tingling or numbness in the hands and feet?
- Does he have any nausea or headaches?

Falling down the forehead are usually a lot less traumatic than landing the back of his head or temple.

Observation of the child

But even if all these signs are not observed, can be followed at least another day. If during this period the child starts vomiting, headaches, disturbance of sensation or even paralysis of the limbs, strabismus or wounds on head the bloodshed continues, you need that hour to deliver the baby in the hospital. If the child remains happy and calm and continues to eat with gusto, and about the past does not resemble anything, except the bumps on your forehead, you can relax – the fall was not dangerous. Nevertheless, you need to figure out how the child fell out of bed, and to take all necessary security measures so that the situation is not repeated.

Advice 2 : What if the baby fell out of bed

According to official statistics, sometimes babies first year of life, remaining only for a minute unattended, can receive a serious head injury after falling from a sofa, changing table or getting out of the crib or stroller. There is no clear and General terms in which children can begin to roll over and crawl, so the drop can occur in very different age from one month to one year.
What if the baby fell out of bed

Features of head injury in children the first year of life

Traumatic brain injury is called mechanical damage as the bones of the skull and internal structures (brain, blood vessels, nerves or meninges). Symptoms of such injuries in children of first year of life is very different from the processes occurring in adult patients. This is due to a number of features:
- incomplete ossification process of the skull in children, the cranial bones are very flexible, they are flexible, connections between them are loose;
- immature brain tissue that have not yet completed the differentiation of structures of the nervous centres and brain circulation.

So on the one hand the brain tissue in children is large compensatory possibilities they have higher so-called the factor of safety when the plastic skull and saturated liquid brain absorb the blow. However, because of the immaturity of the brain tissue injury can cause disorders in the development of its structures, provoking problems in the future in mental or emotional development.

What to do after the baby fell from a height

Many parents are faced with a situation where their child fell on the floor from the bed. Well, if the baby landed on the soft carpet, and the height of the bed or the couch was small. However, in this case, there is a risk of receiving a traumatic brain injury. To rule out serious head injury, you should observe the child for some time.

Recommendations after falling out of bed is pretty universal – if the child's behavior there is a sharp change, the child can not calm down and clearly in pain, you should immediately seek help from doctors. Experts hasten to remind you that in the case of young children it is better to just drive to the hospital in time to diagnose or exclude traumatic brain injury. After such kind of incidents may require consultation with a pediatric neurologist, trauma surgeon or neurosurgeon.

If between the fall and the cry of a child was any period (from one minute to several), this may indicate loss of consciousness, which in turn may be a sign of brain injury. In this case adults should immediately seek medical advice. An important symptom is vomiting or excessive regurgitation, which may also indicate the severity of the injury.

Thus, experts do not cease to recommend to parents after the child falling out of bed to go to the experts. You can call the ambulance home after examination, the professionals will decide whether to take the child to the hospital for a more thorough examination or reasons for concern. Parents who have the opportunity, can deliver the kid to a medical facility for consultation of surgeon or a neurologist, to eliminate the risk of injuries to the skull and brain.

Advice 3 : What to do the mother, if the child is under one year fell from the sofa

In the fall of the child is necessary during first hour to monitor his behavior. If unconscious, vomiting, fracture, dizziness should call the doctor. Prevent your baby the first hours after falling asleep, otherwise it will be difficult to assess its condition.
What to do the mother, if the child is under one year fell from the sofa
When the light appears boy, parents understand how their child is vulnerable to the outside world. But even the most caring parents sometimes the child falls to the floor. This usually occurs before the age of one year and makes mom and dad a real shock.

Experts strongly recommend first calm down yourself. Your stress and tension betrayed the baby, so he can be frightened even more, seeing the unusual as parents.

In what situations I need to call the doctor?

1. If the child starts crying, he's bleeding, open fracture. Fortunately, if you fall off the couch, this rarely happens.
2. If the body is intact, the bleeding is not observed, but the baby in an unnatural position is the arm or leg.
3. If the child fell and ceased to move, on your appeal he does not respond, and there is a constant vomiting.
4. When the kid gets up himself, but feels dizziness or pain.

In these situations, procrastination can cost you too expensive, so do not hesitate, call an ambulance.

What problems can occur?

When soft tissue injury is a bruise or a lump. Usually, the child cries briefly, then his behavior is becoming common. With this type of injury the brain does not suffer. If there is vomiting, there is loss of consciousness, pallor, the child refuses to eat, most likely, he has a concussion. When brain injury loss of consciousness may continue for a long time, you may experience respiratory failure and cardiac activity.

In any case, if you suspect that the baby hit his head, you should be very careful to monitor his behavior and in case of any changes without delay to call the experts.

First aid

If there is no bone damage, point of impact, attach a rag, well soaked in cold water, or ice. This will relieve swelling and pain. Try to make sure that the child is at rest, but don't let him sleep. This may prevent you to monitor its status.

If the child lost consciousness, it is necessary to put on side so vomit does not hit the Airways. Turn the baby with special care. Even if no obvious injuries, take a trip to the emergency room. There will do an ultrasound, x-ray, and will watch it ophthalmologist, neurologist and pediatrician.
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