Advice 1: Do girls like bald guys

Some men prefer to wear bobbed hair, and someone actually shaves his head bald, as it believes that a bald spot by itself attracts women.
Do girls like bald guys

Why do girls like bald men?

The answer to this question, it would seem, is quite simple and lies on the surface. And really, what more can like women to stroke silky strands or slide your fingers on the head, resembling a billiard ball?

However, statistics show that about 40% of the female population think it is very sexy bald men. Perhaps this reaction of the beautiful half of humanity was extraordinary sympathy for such celebrities as Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, VIN Diesel, Billy Zane, Gosha Kutsenko, who constantly show a worldwide audience his smooth skull. So, bald men definitely liked the girls, of course, maybe not everyone, but almost half of the women give them their hearts.

What is the real reason for this phenomenon?

Bald men will always be charming and attractive. And for those who haven't met their soul mate need to be more careful to look closely to the holders of the smooth skull, as some believe that such men especially sexy.

First and foremost, it should be noted that bald men in appearance and charisma are very different from the rest. In addition, the process of alopecia occurs when the body accumulates too much of the male hormone testosterone.
This hormone is able to influence nature, and of course, the masculine look and the quality of sexual life.

The conducted research helped to establish that bald men are able to charge the girl of his excess energy even during ordinary conversation. But the therapists say that if a woman stops the choice on the bald man, most likely for her it is not just a passionate and hot lover but also a potential partner in life.

Also for a specific category of women can be attractive and men having a slight receding hairline. Even in some religions, the representatives of the strong half of humanity with bald heads are especially welcome. In this case, a bald head represents a complete cleansing from all existing evil thoughts.
That's why in Muslim countries this phenomenon is particularly prevalent.

What boy or man should be near, can accurately choose only the woman herself. And it doesn't matter whether he's bald or not, to present love and mutual respect.

Advice 2 : What guys like girls

Most young people at the time wondered: what guys like girls? Many have tried to understand what traits of character must possess the characters of their novels, and that seems to be the girls most attractive in the opposite sex.
What guys like girls

Opposites attract

Many girls, while still at a young age, dreamed of a charming Prince on a white horse, and even better - on a ship with scarlet sails. Since in their mind a certain way a sort of "perfect young man", which they try to try on everyone. To whom this image is more appropriate, and he will receive the title of "second half". Of course, we all have our ideals, but some common trends can be distinguished.

One of the most popular types – "the bad guys". Some girls literally go crazy. They bring them some modicum of mystery, danger, surprise. Most often these men fall in love girl-demure from good families, have graduated from high school with a medal, and the University with the red diploma.

In turn, emotional persons are attracted to the "bad guy" adventurism and the storm of emotions that they face, being with him. Besides, oddly enough, the "bad guys" often give their companions a sense of security. All thanks to their brutal appearance. "If this brave man not to defend himself, then who?" - I think the naive ladies. Although the reality can be quite different.

The opposite of "bad boy" is "humble". This type of men also like the individual. With him the girls feel more confident, prettier, smarter, and some even think that they are real guru of love and have much to teach inexperienced companion. Sometimes the basis of such relations is the maternal instinct.

It is impossible to resist

Immense popularity among ladies of all ages enjoy "the boys seducers". All quite logical: what the young lady will be indifferent to the man who so gallant, educated, caring, and in bed he just has no equal. His ability to flirt mixed with unmatched charm just slays outright.

Similar in manners to the "seducer" type of "romantic". Women, being emotional, and the ability of men to look beautiful, to dedicate poems and songs of the beloved, to whisper in her ear all sorts of nice nonsense while walking under the moon, to create warmth and comfort even in the gray room of the old hostel is unlikely to leave someone indifferent.

Another interesting type is the "successful guy". Such men inspire confidence, tranquility and stability. And who will refuse to buy expensive gifts, good restaurants, riding in a luxury car. Besides, according to the girls, at his expense, will be able to correct their financial situation, therefore, "successful guys" the demand is quite high.

Advice 3 : As like all the girls

There is a certain category of guys for whom girls are lining up, while others go unnoticed. Don't worry, if you fall into the second category. Liking girls can be easily earned if you know some secrets.
As like all the girls
First of all, if the female sex does not spoil you with their attention, look at their behavior. It is possible that you are too modest man and girls simply do not notice you. Of course, this does not mean that you should behave casually or over-confidently. Unnatural behavior always catches the eye, the girl will be enough to hold in your community for a couple of minutes to understand that you're not quite what you appear to be. Try to be yourself, but forget about their own shortcomings. Be confident, because guys like girls. Don't forget that ladies love with their ears. Compliment, often smile, be sincere.
All, without exception girls like guys with whom interesting to talk to. Success primarily depends on communication. Tell some interesting life stories about their Hobbies or travels. Maybe you have hidden talents? Tell us about them. Talking about everything, try not to be silent. To present information with humor, giving her some words in a joking tone. However, remember that almost all girls like to talk, so learn not only to speak but also to listen.
Be sure to pay attention to how you look. A person's appearance can both attract and repel. No special rules for this exists. Just be neat and clean-shaven, it is unlikely that a girl will like a sloppy, sweaty guy ashamed to show off to her friends. By the way, you have to win and their location, because all the girls listen to the opinion of friends.
Don't be a cheapskate! Know that girls love generous guys. Give them romantic gifts. Of course, this does not mean to buy expensive things, any little thing would be nice. On a first date be sure to come with a bouquet of flowers. Most importantly, the girl felt your attention. Even if the generosity is not peculiar to you, try to seem so, to be able to make a good attitude the opposite sex. Subsequently, girls will see this and your other talents, but the first impression is most important and it determines whether to develop further relationships. Remembering these tips and applying them in practice, you will surely conquer all girls on Earth.

Advice 4 : How to make a girl forget a guy

Some people in relationships still have not forgotten past love. This makes it difficult to live in the present, to enjoy the feelings and hurts of the new chosen one. Sometimes you need a helping hand to continue to enjoy life.
How to make a girl forget a guy
Be patient and understanding toward your girlfriend. If you rush or push her, she may withdraw into themselves or resent you. To forget a past love, it takes time and support for a loved one.
Just let her talk and find out more about his predecessor. Talking about your ex-boyfriend, she will be able to look at it from the other side, thanks to your comments. Gently emphasize his bad side. She couldn't pay attention to the fact that he was often late, never gave gifts, and did not call back, but you will notice it. Keep in mind the above disadvantages and learn from his mistakes. Find out what she liked in it to use it for their own purposes.
Remove all reminders of him. It is desirable to remove from her apartment photographs of the former, all his gifts and memorabilia. When walking, avoid the place where they were happy. Show her another world, discover new areas of the city and interesting places.
Find a new occupation. The girl needs to unwind, to forget about their experiences. Find out what she wanted to do, preferably together. A great option – pair dances. You will spend a lot of time together, is fun, allows you to feel intimacy with a partner. It is important to choose something that will really interest the girl.
Expand her circle of friends by introducing your friends. It is desirable to warn about her vulnerable state that it would be nicer. Friendly company, fun and new friends is a good way to emerge from bad memories.
Show love and surround her with attention. Sensing your concern, she'll enjoy, she'll feel loved and be able to quickly break with the past. Say compliments, make cute gifts, spend more time together. Become a part of her life and drove past.

Advice 5 : How to become the best girl for perfect guy

It has happened – you meet the guy of your dreams. He is handsome, clever, kind, provided, is just perfect. Of course, you really want to match his ideal and become his best girlfriend.
How to become the best girl for perfect guy
Make a young man proud of you. For boyfriend's of great importance how the girl is treated by others. If his friends will consider you smart, beautiful, charismatic, young man would be proud of you.
Make sure your appearance. Men love with their eyes! Try to always be in good shape, fashionable and neatly dressed. Don't forget about appropriate makeup and beautiful hairstyle.
Be nice and friendly. Nothing alienates people like arrogant, Moody facial expression. If you're trying to impress with their extravagance, know the measure. Don't get too shock others.
Act natural, don't pretend. Simulated the behavior immediately catches the eye, and the guy will doubt your sincerity. No one wants to see Cutesy Flirty. And in any case do not try to hide his shyness for deliberate rudeness. This will only scare your favorite.
Become an interesting person. For this you need to develop your intellectual level, to read more, interested in cultural life. It will be nice if you will support the interests of his friend and understand the issues. Because of this you will be able to maintain a conversation in a circle of close friends.
Be weak. A man needs to feel like your protector and support. If you do everything independently and strongly emphasize that I don't need anyone's help, then the guy will not desire to take care of you, cherish. In the future you will have to solve all your problems. And the guy in this case will cease to be perfect.
Respect the opinion of the young man and listen to his advice. If you do not agree with him in some matter, don't argue categorically and emphatically. This way you can humiliate your friend. Objection it is better to speak in a soft, tactful manner.
Don't forget about education and work. You must have your own interesting life, career. Think about whether your friend is such a perfect girl like you.
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