Why do girls like bald men?

The answer to this question, it would seem, is quite simple and lies on the surface. And really, what more can like women to stroke silky strands or slide your fingers on the head, resembling a billiard ball?

However, statistics show that about 40% of the female population think it is very sexy bald men. Perhaps this reaction of the beautiful half of humanity was extraordinary sympathy for such celebrities as Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, VIN Diesel, Billy Zane, Gosha Kutsenko, who constantly show a worldwide audience his smooth skull. So, bald men definitely liked the girls, of course, maybe not everyone, but almost half of the women give them their hearts.

What is the real reason for this phenomenon?

Bald men will always be charming and attractive. And for those who haven't met their soul mate need to be more careful to look closely to the holders of the smooth skull, as some believe that such men especially sexy.

First and foremost, it should be noted that bald men in appearance and charisma are very different from the rest. In addition, the process of alopecia occurs when the body accumulates too much of the male hormone testosterone.
This hormone is able to influence nature, and of course, the masculine look and the quality of sexual life.

The conducted research helped to establish that bald men are able to charge the girl of his excess energy even during ordinary conversation. But the therapists say that if a woman stops the choice on the bald man, most likely for her it is not just a passionate and hot lover but also a potential partner in life.

Also for a specific category of women can be attractive and men having a slight receding hairline. Even in some religions, the representatives of the strong half of humanity with bald heads are especially welcome. In this case, a bald head represents a complete cleansing from all existing evil thoughts.
That's why in Muslim countries this phenomenon is particularly prevalent.

What boy or man should be near, can accurately choose only the woman herself. And it doesn't matter whether he's bald or not, to present love and mutual respect.