Scientists believe that the habit to touch the soft legs, to have kittens in infancy, when they suck his mother's breast. Thanks to this innate reflex, milk flows easier into the mouth. Recalling the warm belly of mother, sitting comfortably on your lap, the cat starts to go through paws because he trusts and loves you, because you, as the host was replaced in some point in life, her mother. In addition, cats feeding is associated with pleasurable sensations, but because a well-fed cat in a state of peace and tranquility begins to produce rhythmic movements of the pads.
There is another scientific view on this issue. In the wild cats had offers of places to stay, but because feet were hurting the tall grass, raked the leaves in one pile, and then conveniently arranged on a makeshift bed. So the cat, trampling you or the blanket with his paws could get comfortable to rest.
It is also noted that in animals of the cat family on the paws is a large number of sweat glands. When the cat starts to touch the paws, sitting on your hands, it has a special fragrant secret, as if marking his master. Other cats can smell the odor, so your pet exhibits a sense of ownership, declaring the other animals that this person is already busy.
Has the right to existence and version that the trampling of his master or blanket paws, cat reads tactile information about the place where she lay down to rest. This is due to the large number of receptors located on the paws of the animal.
During the survey it was observed that during these movements in the body of a cat produces the hormone of joy – endorphin. The need to de-stress, find peace, self-treatment explains why the cat stomps you legs.