Coffee and brandy sponge impregnation

- 2 tbsp ground black coffee;
- 2 tbsp of cognac;
- 1 tbsp. water;
- 1 tbsp. sugar.

Pour the sugar in a saucepan or small pot, fill it with 0,5 cups of water and place on high heat. Heat all until dissolved dry ingredients and bring to a boil. Cook on a nearby burner coffee in the Turk for the remainder of the water and give him 15 minutes to infuse, putting it in a warm place, for example, on the edge of the plate.

Strain the infusion of coffee, connect it with the cognac and sweet syrup. All mix thoroughly, cool to room temperature and impregnate sponge cakes.
Before impregnating the coffee and brandy syrup cake need to survive (let dry) for at least 4 hours after baking. If you soak it in mild form, it will quickly get soggy and fall apart.

Classic chocolate sponge impregnation

- 1 tbsp of bitter cocoa powder;
- 100 g of quality butter fat content of 82.5%;
- 100 g of condensed milk.

Put on the stove a large pot with water, poured 2/3 of the height. Insert a ovenproof container slightly smaller that its bottom immersed in the liquid. Put the butter, cut into small cubes and melt it in a water bath, then stir in cocoa powder and add the condensed milk. Give everything a good stir and immediately pour over the cake, so the cake will turn out more juicy.

Creamy impregnation biscuit

- 200 ml of 10-20%-nykh of cream;
- 4 tbsp of condensed milk.

Pour cream and condensed milk in the bowl of a mixer and combine until smooth. Make impregnation of the resulting liquid mass is still hot biscuit slim without removing it from the mold, and leave it for a few hours until cool.
The process of impregnation of the sponge cake can be accelerated if to pierce it with a wooden skewer or toothpick in many places.

Biscuit soaked in juice and alcohol

- 1/3 Cup juice (cherry, orange, peach, etc.);
- 2 tbsp of sugar;
- 3 tablespoons of spirits (brandy, rum, vodka);
- water.

Pour the sugar into a glass of juice, pour the alcohol and add the right amount of water to the brim of dishes. Preheat the impregnation to the grains of the bulk component completely disappeared. Remove from the heat and soak the cakes of sponge, well dried in a warm place. If the cake is small, prepare a half portion.