Preparation of materials for garden gnome

To create the crayon a papier-mache stock up on paper egg trays. They need a large number. Break trays into small pieces, using the plastic bucket. Pour boiling water over the pieces so that all the paper was immersed in water, and leave for a day to swell.

Drain excess water and grind the resulting mass with your hands. You can use a fork or mixer. Knead homogeneous dough. Add a bit of PVA glue, so you have a plastic mass.
If papier-mache is too liquid, put it in cheesecloth and hang over a bowl to drain excess water.

Cover the table with plastic wrap or Newspapers. Waterproof design of five-liter plastic bottle and a plastic or rubber ball. Bottle is the body of a dwarf, and the ball is the head. You can fasten a wire or to put on the glue. Make your garden the beauty turned out to be stable, pour in the bottle of sand or gravel.

Fill with foam old gardening gloves small size. Leave the foam to swell and dry. Of foam make the soles of shoes. Vilaite shoes with papier-mache.
For the basics of shoes you can use small plastic bottles. Incise them around the neck, fold it and secure with tape. Fill the bottle with foam on top oblepicha papier-mache.

Manufacturer of gnome for the garden

Will oblepicha design paper stock. Apply it in thin layers with intermediate drying. Shape the face of a dwarf with a beard. For eyes you can use cut in half tennis ball or beads. Vilaite garden in the shape of a hat.

Back off the bottom 1/3 and shape wavy hem of his shirt. The remaining parts make a vertical furrow, receiving panties from the garden figures. Hands in the shirt one can model separately, and then attach to the body, but to do it on gnome. For brushes take billet of foam that is extracted of gloves. Stick prepared shoes.

Dry your gnome. If necessary, sand with sandpaper. Soak your crafts water-resistant primer. Then cover the work with acrylic putty and Prime again. Razreshite acrylic paints. The final layer, apply the yacht varnish. Your gnome is ready to put in the garden.

In the manufacture of gnome consider inserting him into the hand of the flashlight with solar battery. Then in the evening your garden will be a small light.