Organize the space

Stagnation and chaos in life can be due to litter your apartment. Perform General cleaning. Disassemble all of the cabinets and shelves, wirelite stuff in the corners, break up with unnecessary things.

Organize the area in your home in new ways. Rational disposal of space means the creation of comfortable conditions for work and leisure. While you to put things in order in his apartment, something changes in your consciousness. You will think more concretely, more clearly.
In the future you will not interfere with the obstructions, you will have to divert a mess. It is very easy to succumb to the chaos in his personal life, if he reigns around you.

Make a daily routine

To take myself in hand, to become a more organized person, you need a typical schedule. Think of how many cases you need to make during the week. Prioritize among all of the items, and divide things by days of the week.

Avoid empty time. Such sinks of time as watching TV and talk on the phone, not only hinder to gather, but also lead to degradation.

Try to get up and go at the same time. This applies not only to weekdays but also weekends, holidays and vacations. The usual schedule will help you organize your life and make time for what's important.
It is desirable to eat also at the same time. Stick to the schedule, and because of this your health will improve. So you will have strength and energy for new achievements.


Having goals and objectives is necessary for a person who wants to fix something in your own life. Think what you want to achieve. Set specific deadlines for implementation of the plan. Determine how you will measure results.

Remember that it is better not to share your goals with all the friends. The more you repeat about what you want to achieve, the stronger your consciousness believes that goal has been achieved. In this case it will not help you in the implementation of the tasks, because they are already considered completed.


Work on your character. Deliver those flaws in it that prevent you from being an effective person. Learn to control yourself. Good theoretical training, such as schedules and plans as required. But it will not help you if you show willpower. Decide what kind of person you want to become, and not turn from the chosen path.

Stop going on about his weaknesses and momentary desires. Remember where you started this behavior, and resist the temptation. Understand that the style of life that you're unhappy right now it's just habit. And it can change.