The classic "eternal" leaven made of water and flour

For preparing the classic yeast-free sourdough is a lot of patience — the process takes five days. You only need two ingredients — flour and water. The success of the case largely depends on the quality of these products. Need rye flour, or whole wheat flour, fine grind would spoil everything. And the water should only be "alive", that is, not bottled, not distilled and not boiled.
For making classic sourdough, you can use ordinary tap water, pass it through the filter.

In the bulk (at least 2-3 liters) dish carefully mix 100 grams of flour 150 grams of water. Cover with a lid and leave at room temperature for one day.

All you need to do in the next four days is to add 50 grams of flour and water and wait for the leaven to ripen. When the end of the fifth day — the leaven will be ready and you can start making the dough.

"Modern" kefir starter culture

For cooking fit much perekisshy yogurt or sour milk. To peroxide, enough to withstand it for 2-3 days at room temperature. Then in a large bowl thoroughly mix it with the rye flour to get the dough, resembling the consistency of liquid sour cream. Cover the container with gauze and leave for the day.

The next day, add as much flour as you usually put in the dough for pancakes, and again mix well. Now just a few hours, and the ferment will ripen for use in the test. It is strongly taposiris and increase in volume.

The remaining kefir starter "sleep" in the fridge and will be well maintained. But it will need to "Wake up" three days before use. To do this every day for one hour it warms at room temperature, feed yogurt and flour in equal amounts. Then wait for the leaven of a little swell, and again put in the refrigerator. On the third day, leave it on the table a little longer, and when it rises, stir. So repeat several times. The resulting yeast-free sourdough can be divided: one portion to be used for making bread, and the second put in the refrigerator.

The starter on the cones of hops

To make this yeast-free sourdough, a glass of dry hop cones pour two cups of water. Put the saucepan with the mixture on low heat and let the water boil for about an hour. Then the broth and leave for eight hours to steep, then pour it into large glass dish.
In Russia unleavened bread has long been famous for its exquisite taste.

In the finished broth add half cups flour, preferably wholemeal, rye, and wheat (but not the premium), and 1 tablespoon of sugar or honey. Mix well. Cover the utensils, linen or other natural fabric and put it on the day in a warm place.

During this time, your non-yeasted sourdough "will grow" no less than two times. Now she is ready. This leaven the dough is traditionally cooked on the dough.

To prepare unleavened bread harder than the yeast from the store, because the yeast is grown in one day. But there is one nice moment: it is enough to successfully done only once. Then you can always share a starter: a part for test and the other in the fridge for the future. You only need to "feed" it about once a week. And don't be afraid that your starter "peristitsa" and worse. On the contrary - than it is higher, the better.