Chandelier from threads with their hands

For making this lamp you will need a thick colored thread. Before you start to make a lampshade, check out the threads on the stability of the dye. Take a small piece from each roll, soak them with PVA glue and RUB the friend about the friend, then lay on a white sheet. If some paint smeared, better not use these threads for DIY. And that shade will turn out with dirty stains.

Inflate most conventional balloon to the size of what you want to see the finished chandelier. Make several turns of thread the same color all over the rubber surface and RUB it with a brush with PVA glue. Then take the yarn of another color and do it the same operation. Thus the layers wrap a ball of multicolored thread. You can repeat these layers or do anything different.
Wrap the balloon can be of the same color yarn, thin yarn, jute or hemp rope.

You need completely dry cotton lampshade. Hang it so that it was in the air and touches nothing. This can be done by putting a flat plank between the backs of two chairs, and on it the thread tying crafts. Or lay the ladder and attach the lampshade in the center, so it does not touch the stairs. On the floor lay a rag or newspaper, glue, thread will drip.

Leave a makeshift lamp to dry for a few days. Then pierce with a needle ball and remove it. The shade can be left in the form of a ball or cut it into two semicircles. In this case, the finished appearance can be given by treating the cut edge with a thin lace. For the lamp use energy-saving light bulb.

Chandelier with pendants

To make a chandelier with pendants can be modifying ready. You need from her metal frame. If the foundations you have not, use a wooden or plastic Hoop large size or a twist wire frame.

Choose a material for the manufacture of suspensions. You can put a glass or wooden beads on thin twine making thread. For an additional decoration on these threads attach the feathers, they will add a romantic chandelier. If it is the lamp in the nursery, the quality of the parts for the suspension, take small toys. You can use both soft and lightweight plastic.
Unusual and will look to the lamp, if you make charms, or to wrap the frame metal chain with small links that are sold at the cut at the hardware store. In the future, the chandelier can be painted from a container.

Depending on made pendants decorate the frame. It can be painted or tighten tissue. Secure on the basis of decoration and the chandelier is ready.