Advice 1: People's pharmacy: milk with honey at a temperature of

In the cold season when the body loses vitamins and the immune system is weakened, the virus is not difficult. Viral diseases generally accompanied by increased body temperature. In the treatment you can use time-tested folk remedies, for example, milk with honey.
People's pharmacy: milk with honey at a temperature of

The efficiency of milk and honey at high temperature

Honey is a unique bee product, has diaphoretic and antipyretic properties. This is why honey is recommended to be taken in the treatment of viral diseases accompanied by increased body temperature. But it is important to remember that the temperature can be increased not only with colds, so before you begin treatment, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause of changes in body temperature. In addition, honey is effective for laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and pharyngitis: taking this product of beekeeping, it is possible to recover more quickly.
The only contraindication is an Allergy to bee products.

As for milk, it contains many nutrients, particularly fat, calcium, vitamins, protein and other active elements. However, milk helps replenish potassium levels in the body, which is so important at infringement vodno-elektrolitnogo balance, caused by increased body temperature. And doctors recommend to drink milk with the flu and other viral infections and other reason. The fact is that, the aching, the person usually loses appetite. To replenish the body with vital elements that will help in strengthening the immune system and fighting viruses, it is recommended to drink milk.

How to take milk with honey in SARS

To prepare a cocktail of motrin, take a glass of boiled milk (milk temperature should be 37 o C - 40 o C, that is, it should not be hot), add 1 tsp of honey and mix thoroughly. Honey have completely dissolved in the milk. Cooked cocktail should drink at 1 time. To make this medicinal drink should be at least three times a day: morning, afternoon and before bed. Besides, you can drink this milk and honey cocktail in severe pain in the throat.
Warm milk with honey is an effective remedy for insomnia.

At elevated body temperature and sore throat recommended to take "oatmeal" milk. To prepare it, take a Cup of oats (oats should be unpeeled), washed thoroughly, pour a liter of milk and cook in aluminum containers on low heat for 60-70 minutes. After the cookware is removed from the heat, strain the broth. Cooked enriched broth 1 tsp natural honey and a small amount of butter. Drink this cocktail before bedtime, and, for the 1st time (we can't leave him, each time preparing a new batch).

Advice 2 : What can be treated ordinary milk

Production of domesticated and wild animals (birds, fish and even insects), it is widely used in the treatment of many diseases. This is due to a century of experience, on the one hand, and the proven influence of certain methods on the other.
What can be treated ordinary milk

One of the most popular products that are still used as medicine today, are milk and its derivatives. About their medicinal properties is known to everyone, not to mention place these products in folk medicine. So much evidence, the popularity and viability of dairy products in the treatment of many diseases.

Perhaps the most popular of these products is directly milk. The number of recipes using hot milk from cough and cold great variety. Depending on the desired effect, I use milk with pepper, oil, garlic, baking soda, honey, and even with sheep lard. Hot milk is even recommended to drink with tuberculosis, which was very popular in the past centuries. For this you need to make a decoction of oat milk.

To use as treatment can be, and malted milk. For example, such product can be used in case of colds the child. Method of application is very simple: his or give to drink warm, or make of it compresses.

As compresses or lotions you can use sour milk. But not against the common cold and to treat wounds and cuts. For this sour milk is added a little vinegar. A compress of this mixture is applied to the affected area of the body. Sour milk is also used as a medicine for the eyes, because it has a kind of disinfecting effect. So if you do not have special drugs to flush the eyes if hazardous dust, you can safely use sour milk. It will also help with other eye diseases.

Perhaps for many it will be weird to use milk as a medicinal substance, when the pharmacies are just full of different drugs. But why throw a lot of money on these drugs, if there is a great and more affordable tools, proven for centuries. It is important to remember that natural medicine is not a panacea. And before trying to imagine those or other methods of treatment, one should still consult a specialist.

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