Why to neuter a dog

Как проходит стерилизация кошек

Although this operation remains many opponents, neutering bitches is used worldwide to control the number of dogs. Even the most caring and attentive host cannot one hundred percent be sure that his pet is in heat will not be off the leash and not go and explore some of the dogs closer.
Give a brood of mixed race – not easy, but to kill a helpless newborn puppy – it is not humane. Much better to prevent their occurrence.

Heat itself is also a joyless time for the host. Twice a year during the month he is forced to buy the dog a special linen that is not soiled the apartment, while animal regularly tries to get rid of unnecessary clothes and go about their hygiene procedures.

Some owners prefer bitches not to sterilize their animals, and the use of hormonal drugs to prevent oestrus. However, these drugs have many side effects. For example, they contribute to the appearance of cysts on the ovaries inflammation of the uterus, after which sterilization becomes urgently necessary.

When to sterilize a dog

как определить течку у йорка

The opinion of physicians about what is the best age to sterilize a dog differ. Some veterinarians offer these services already five or six months of age dogs, others recommend planning surgery after the first heat, that is, in eight to ten months. Too early neutering (under five months) is not desirable. Puppies bodies are actively growing and remove part of them can lead to deformation remaining. You can also sterilize an adult dog, but the surgery is not recommended for bitches in ages.
Typically, the sterilization is carried out under General anesthesia, and such stress can have irreparable harm to the cardiovascular system of the older animal.

Planning to record the dog to be sterilized, be guided not only on age but also on the health of the animal. Your dog must be absolutely healthy. When working with young bitches vet, usually limited to visual inspection, temperature measurement, listening to heart rhythm. In animals older than five years, take blood and urine tests, do an electrocardiogram. If you resolve to sterilize the dog, not to delay the operation. The sooner you do it, the faster your favorite recover and re-healed a full life.