How to recognize a "smoker's cough"

By itself, the cough causes a lot of problems as it was accompanied by painful sensations in the throat and shortness of breath. The most obvious signs of "smoker's cough" are:
- raucous character of the cough;
- aggravation in the morning;
- cough with desire to yawn;
- accumulation of large amounts of phlegm;
- fatigue and lethargy of the body;
- the occurrence of dyspnea.

If time does not start treating a cough, increased irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, inflammatory process begins, pain in the rib area.
Launched a cough may lead to fracture of the ribs.

Effective remedy against cough

Of course, to remove the "smoker's cough" you need to quit Smoking or reduce daily intake of cigarettes, after which the body will gradually repair themselves. But what about those who can not get rid of nicotine cravings? In this case, will help to ease the cough a variety of means.

With regular use, help special pills, intended to treat coughs and bronchitis of the smoker. As a rule, the average rate of reception is a month, after which the symptoms gradually disappear. The most famous is the drug "Bronhogen". It is recommended to use thinners and output of phlegm. It can be pills or syrups.
With a strong cough, the doctor prescribes antibiotics.

The most simple method to stop coughing from Smoking is milk. Milk not only enriches the body beneficial trace elements, but also clears the respiratory tract, relieving inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Good results are obtained by the treatment of milk serum. It is necessary to warm up a glass of whey on the fire, and twice a day taken orally. The effect is achieved quickly. The cough becomes less intense and disappears shortness of breath, improves the General condition of a person.

Effective decoctions of medicinal herbs. These include St. John's wort, chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and others. Pour 1 tbsp mixture of dried herbs Cup of boiling water and drink as a tea several times a day. Already after 7-10 days, the less person begins to cough, then the cough disappears.

In chronic cough helps collect marshmallow root, thyme, anise, licorice, pine buds and sage. Mix the components in equal proportions, pour 1 tbsp collection Cup of hot water, infuse hour. After that, strain the broth and add to taste a spoonful of honey. Drink a glass of small portions, repeat the procedure for 10 days.

To restore the liver and lungs is recommended to take a decoction of rose hips or chamomile flowers. The drink contains large amounts of calcium, due to which there is a rapid cleansing from nicotine. You also need to eat right to the body receives all the essential minerals and vitamins.