If you have become concerned about a very strong, exhausting cough, at the first opportunity, schedule a visit to the doctor. Doctors often say that you need to not treat the coughand its causes. Just as suppressing it, you can "drive" the disease deeper, and then you still have a long time to drink different medicines.
To alleviate their condition you can, first of all, steam inhalation with some balm – eucalyptus or menthol, which soften the mucous membrane and do not allow it to dry. If you did not have any oil or balm, you can still follow inhalation: warm steam will moisturize your throat and you will cough a little less.
Strong cough, which caused severe irritation and pain in the throat, you can reduce gargling salt water. However, this takes half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Can also try other folk remedies: gargle with a solution of herbs – chamomile, calendula, sage, eucalyptus.Another means to rinse: dissolve in a glass of warm water honey and vinegar. Ready solution vypolaskivat all at once. Rinsing should be repeated several times.
Use very simple, but in many cases the effective recipe: melt in a pan a couple of spoons of sugar (its color should be light brown), pour a glass of boiling water, then add two lemon wedges and a little onion juice. This solution should be drunk every half hour for two tablespoons. By the way, in strong coughing grandmother many suggest to use "candy" from burnt sugar. Try it – no worse than other "sucking" means.
Try to remove the cough reflex deep breathing and delay. It is difficult, because strongly "pulls" to cough, but in many cases more effectively advertised of cough drops.
It makes sense to sit in a warm bath or drink a diaphoretic, to take milk with soda, mineral water or brew yourself a breast collection, which is sold in the pharmacy.
Lubricate the chest and back with some kind of fat – lamb, badger, goat or even chicken.
When you hit a sharp cough, wrap up warm and try to sleep. But the visit to the doctor still did not forget.