Can be considered lucky if the doctor nakladyvaya the seam, made sure that he was careful. Depending on the characteristics of the organism, after 8-12 months the seam pale and almost invisible, especially if it is located horizontally above the pubis, and the regeneration processes are actively and without unnecessary complications. But luck is not always and not everyone.
Scars after caesarean section, like any other scars after operations, is never completely removed, but you can make them less visible, almost invisible. To date, the clinic of aesthetic surgery quite successfully help to get rid of scar tissue in areas of healed surgical cuts with a laser.
Consult your physician before you begin to remove the consequences of caesarean births between the operation and the procedures must complete at least a few months, or rather impossible, because the body of each woman is individual. In addition, during one session, the scar cannot be removed. To achieve the result required multiple procedures.
First, the laser acts directly on the scar tissue, as though vaporizing it layer by layer, the seam becomes less dense. In the second stage also used the laser, but impact already on the tissues around the scar. In laser coagulation of blood vessels that feed the scar the healthy tissue around the damaged tissue is actively growing, and the rumen is not developed.
This method of correction allows us to achieve visible results by painless and has virtually no contraindications. The period of rehabilitation after the procedure may last up to a week. During this period, subject to certain limitations, therefore you must observe the instructions of the doctor.
In beauty salons scars after cesarean section is often removed by mechanical or chemical peeling. In some cases, these procedures can lead to the opposite result – seam from caesarean section will be more than replaced, and in the tissues around the scar will begin hyperpigmentation. It all depends on equipment and structures.
Procedures in cosmetic salons and clinics of aesthetic surgery is the last step in getting rid of scars after cesarean section. Take care to minimize the possibility of rough scarring tissue. During the healing period use scar ointment preventing the formation of keloid scars and promotes rapid tissue regeneration.