Why should you take electronic cigarettes

In fact, electronic cigarettes produce vapor, not smoke. This means that a person inhales is not the products of burning tar and paper, which are extremely harmful to the condition of the body, but a mixture of glycerin, nicotine, and propilenglikole, which is much less harmful.

An advantage of such cigarettes can be considered the ability to "tune" the content of nicotine in the liquid, which they made. With time, you can finally go to the options without nicotine, if you reduce the amount gradually. And beznikotinovye cigarettes help to quit Smoking entirely.
In Israel, electronic cigarettes are sold even in pharmacy kiosks

Nowadays smokers are restricted in their rights to smoke the cost of cigarettes is increasing day by day, which is why electronic cigarettes have become popular so quickly. In fact, the electronic cigarette klassificeret as an electronic simulator of Smoking tobacco, which works on the principle of inhalation with the total elimination of the combustible components. That is why the Smoking of such cigarettes is allowed in many public places. Due to the absence of combustion products, this device just does not create opportunities for "passive Smoking", that is not harmful to children and women.

Cigarettes for fans to make their feelings

High-tech cigarette lovers cigarette with unusual taste. You can buy a number of replacement cartridges with different flavors, from melon to coffee. To each cartridge if you want you can buy a bottle of fluid for refills, so finding your ideal unusual cigarettes, you won't lose it. If you are a lover of experiments, you should try to buy electronic cigarette.

If we talk about the cons of electronic cigarettes, many smokers believe that the feeling of Smoking "not those", and so buy yourself such a device only in case of contingencies – distant travelling, long meetings anywhere without the ability to run to the Smoking room, etc. on the other hand, you can always go back to the usual pattern. Of course, electronic cigarettes are more expensive than regular. But it's a one-time investment that quickly pay for themselves. It allows you a month to save a couple of hundred rubles, and sometimes even more.
Going to buy electronic cigarette Smoking on airplanes? Read rules of the carriers. Sometimes these cigarettes are prohibited for carriage and use on Board.

Due to the significant weight of the public tobacco companies in the world, in several countries such cigarette is banned for sale. And there are quite exotic situation. For example, in Germany, any citizen can buy e-cigarette cartridges-nicotine liquid. But this can only be done abroad (or in foreign online stores), in the country to sell e-cigarettes strictly forbidden.