Advice 1: What is a edible underwear

Strawberries and cream off the body of the woman are not the only option for games in bed. In erotic stores, a new product that is rapidly gaining its fans to edible underwear. However, not everyone knows what it is and what it eats.
What is a edible underwear

Sweet love

Sexologists recommend couples to periodically bring in their relationship something new that will help to rouse the feelings and awaken a real research interest to a partner whose body, at first glance, has been studied. This unusual accessory can be edible underwear, especially if your guy is a fan of sweet.

Delicious lingerie available to the mass buyer, is a set consisting of a bra and panties, that soon made the garments from the small round fruit candies strung on a thread. In childhood, many girls wore necklaces and bracelets of these Goodies, now grown-up ladies can enjoy another new thing from the usual sweets. Brightly colored set will surely suit the tastes of young people but also aged people want to diversify with their intimate life.
Want to make a real sweet night – get to the edible underwear lubricant with cherry flavor or Pina colada and massage oil with sweet smell of vanilla or cinnamon.

High art

If a sweet set of tiny drops pretty available, the Briton Ringling Trimmer turned his version of the edible underwear into the art. The designer has created a bra from a special kind of non-melting chocolate. White and dark delicacy intertwined with each other, creating patterns that mimic the texture of fabric and lace, like on a real bra from the collection of any famous brand.
Although the cost of a chocolate bra high, this model is stable demand among residents of the UK.

Domestic craftsmen are also able to create an edible model of lingerie. At the Moscow exhibition, which was devoted to the culture of Georgia, designers Les Hare and Alexander Gnilitsky introduced its own version of how edible can be sexy, revealing to the public a set of national Georgian dishes tklapi is a thin rolls of prunes.

Edible underwear – handmade

In order to please a boyfriend edible kit, do not have to go to the store. To build it, and using the available tools. Armed with a can of whipped cream and draw on the body of any pleasing you model bra and panties. The waist can be tied with ribbon. For your beloved man you will be the main dish.

Advice 2 : What about the woman in her underwear

Lingerie can often speak clearer than words. It is able to tell you, waiting for you a night of passion, or the lady perceives you as "harmless" friend.
What about the woman in her underwear

Cotton t-shirt and panties

From the woman who sleeps in a cotton t-shirt and panties, don't expect a huge passion. Such women usually practical and sporty. On the other hand, it is expected to do anything, she is always able to surprise you.

Silk shirt

She wants to look innocent, but at the same time makes it clear that it is willing to flirt and maybe something more. If you want to, don't rush. Focus on foreplay and remember that it is more important feelings and romantic gestures than actual sex.

The combination of bra, garter belts and panties

She loves to seduce and feel that you like. It also reflects the care she devotes to her body and everything connected with it. This woman is a great lover.

Long satin chemise

This type of underwear are hopeless, hopeless romantics. She is looking for her Prince on a white horse, wants to feel desirable and needed. If you give her that feeling, you can consider yourself a winner.

Classic pajamas

Women who sleep in classic pajamas, usually have a great partnership properties. These women are conservative and reliable. Such women can hardly wait for sex, during which the rattle of the window glass.

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