Bras with the effect push-up

They represent a variety of underwear models with oversized foam Cup, equipped with internal pads. Pads can be both permanent and invest. This beautiful bra lifts the Breasts, creating attractive cleavage in the chest area. In addition, it helps to visually increase the size of the breast, especially for women whom nature has not endowed large amounts of this seductive part of the body.

Currently there is a huge choice of various clothes which is able to emphasize the dignity of the female figure. However, not every representative of the fairer sex decide to wear a dress or blouse with a plunging neckline without a bra with push-up effect. In order for the image to remain natural and not vulgar, is to carefully approach the choice of clothes and not try to use it to increase the breast more than 1-1,5 size.

The tab bra, creating the volume may be made of different materials. Foam — more weightless. Modern models offer gel pads. They are quite pleasant to the touch, but too heavy, which can cause discomfort while wearing.

Every woman determines whether her extra volume in the chest or not. Many ladies with small Breasts just can not imagine myself without these clothes. There are women who approach this issue in a more sensitive and believe that by wearing a push-up bra, they deceive men, visually exaggerating the true size of its forms. In any case, linen in question and this effect can rapidly and effortlessly make the breast expressive and eye-catching.

Panty with effect push-up

Panties with pads to create push-up effect created in order to give a sexy shape no less attractive to men than Breasts female body part. Such overlays create the illusion of a toned strong buttocks.

You can choose briefs with this effect, made of various materials: delicate, smooth, seamless and even corrective. Any model is able to provide comfort and, most valuable, to give a woman confidence because lingerie push-up choose girls who think their body is not sexual and appetizing.

The most important thing for women of any age and with any figure — inner for comfort and looseness. Linen with the effect of additional volume due to the ability to embellish the protruding parts of the body that can give its owner a sense of freedom and contentment themselves.