The easiest way to install the Instagram app on a device running Android, is the use of the software Android Market. In order to buy the selected application, go to Market Enabler and copy the file with the extension .apk to the memory card. Use installed file browser (File Browser Android, EStrongs File Explorer, etc.) in order to open the downloaded file and run the installer.
Alternative method download and install the application Instagram is to use the program InstallAPK on your desktop computer. When this app is installed on the computer, and then transferred to the phone. To use this method can only owners of smartphones HTC.
Another method of installing the application Instagram via mobile browser. To do this, start the browser of your phone and type
in the address bar. Don't forget to transfer the downloaded file with the extension .apk on the memory card of the mobile device. Another variant of the same content can serve as the syntax file:///sdcard/instagram.apk.
Download and install on your computer specialized utility adb to use another method of installing the app Instagram. Unzip the downloaded package into the root of the system drive and find the folder named
drive_name:\fastboot-tools. Per
Transfer it downloaded a file with the extension .apk.
Open "Settings" on your mobile device and navigate to "Applications". Expand the link "Development" and select "USB Debugging". Apply the checkbox in the same row.
The main menu of the computer, clicking on the "start" button and click "Run." Type cmd in the Open box, and confirm the startup command line utility by clicking on the OK button. Enter
cd drive:\fastboot-tools
adb-windows.exe install instagram.apk
in the text box with a command shell and confirm the selected actions by clicking on the function key Enter.