The point of sale

Since the release of the phone was suspended sales of the device from Apple's official website was also closed. To date to buy iPhone 5 in online stores or large supermarkets of home appliances and electronics. Instead of the iPhone 5 on the Apple website presents the latest range of devices iPhone 5s and 5c.


The iPhone 5 starts from 20 000 rubles and can reach 33 000 rubles per model memory 16 GB and preloaded iOS 6. The price of goods is directly determined by the store in which it is implemented. So, in online store you can purchase the phone for 21 000 rubles, and the Internet resource offers the unit at a price of 31 000 p. in this case the market is not observed a serious fall in the value due to the fact that the release of the device was suspended, but the implementation of unsold informed parties continues.
Used iPhone 5 can be purchased on the following resources: for the price, which starts from 14 000 RUB.

The price of iPhone 5 with 32 GB of memory starts from 22 000 RUB., and reaches about 29 000 p. Phone can be purchased in online stores. The cost of a used iPhone 5 32 GB starts from 15 000 rubles and above. The price of iPhone 5 with 64 GB of memory approximately starts from 23 500 p. and can reach 33 000 RUB Purchase of phone from hands you may cost about 18 000 p

iPhone 5s and 5c

For comparison, the cheapest model of the iPhone 5s on Apple's official website is sold at a price of 29 990 for a device with 16 GB of memory. For devices of 32 GB and 64 GB will have to pay 34 990 and 39 990 respectively. The difference in price can be explained in 5s improved specifications and additional features. The iPhone 5c starts from 24 990 While the characteristics of the device is about on par with the iPhone 5, and the difference lies mainly in the material of enclosure and color performance of the device. For the 32GB version of the iPhone 5c, the user is prompted to pay 29 990 as for the iPhone 5s with 16 GB. In version 64 GB iPhone 5c is not available.
For a model with a large amount of data store will add to the amount of 2-4 Tr

Used iPhone 5s ... costs an average of about 20,000, though, you can find some models and with the cost of 18 000 for the 16 GB of internal memory. The cost of a used 5c starts around the level of 15 000 rubles for the version with 16 GB.