The types of vyzhigatel on wood

First of all, you need to decide what the device is for burning will better serve your situation. There are two categories of weigela:
devices with rigid feathers;
machines with wire feathers.
Both powered from the mains 220 Volts, but the wire vyzhigatel give you the ability to control the temperature of the filament of the pen.

To understand how to choose the right unit for burning wood, you should familiarize yourself with the specifics of the design of each of their types. Devices with hard feathers have a constant temperature of the filament of the pen. Pay special attention to the capacity of the device: if it is less than 20 watts, such a device for burning is quite slow in operation. Conversely, the more powerful the model, the faster you will be able to work.

Make sure that your selected model of apparatus for burning complete with additional nozzles that allow you to perform various tasks - from big picture to tiny ornament on a wooden pencil. Models of devices for burning, equipped with feathers of the wire, are offered for sale in a wider range than the model of weigela with hard feathers. Novice user it is difficult enough to get to the bottom of what is better to have a choice, and therefore, the following table shows the advantages and disadvantages of each of the modifications of devices for burning.

Features of devices for burning solid feathers

The advantages of weigela with hard feathers include:
- high strength
- easy to use;
- affordable price.

For these reasons, a significant portion of the sets to burn for kids contain devices with rigid feathers. With devices of this type especially convenient to burn the drawings medium and large sizes.

However, this device has many disadvantages. First, they take too long warm up and cool down (over 5 minutes). Secondly, in the cavity of the handle, the heating element is subjected to a sufficiently strong heat. Thirdly,due to the large handle and its large distance to the end of the needle, this design does not allow at burning slim work. Fourth, if this unit use for quite a long time, it can burn out.

Features apparatus for burning feathers, wire

Weightily with wire elements advantages a lot more. The power of this device is enough to work with most hard wood species. Heating and cooling of the device takes only a few seconds. Most of these devices is governed by the temperature of the filament wire. You can heat the wire white hot or just slightly warm.

With the burner equipped with wire feathers, the work on products is several times less effort and time. Even if you burn the wire element, it can be easily and inexpensively replaced by another. Many European brands for appliances burning used for heating elements metal is nichrome, which is a very long time.
Vyzhigatel with wire feathers are used for the most laborious and delicate work

Among the disadvantages of wire vyzhigatel you can call them expensive. In addition, such models are difficult to acquire, and their repair may be associated with many problems, especially if you bought the device through the Internet. The bits of wire often burn out and become misshapen. If often to replace the heating elements, the handle with retainers to come fairly quickly into disrepair.

What models of weigela wood better? This question has no single answer, but among the users of the forums most frequently reported devices stayer, weller, biltema, "Pattern-1".