Worldwide each year an increasing number of people loving and able to follow a healthy lifestyle and eating the right organic products. The morning of the average American in some series, as you remember, started with a Cup of cereal with milk. In Russia there was a huge amount of cereal, muesli and other cereals, good for health and strengthening the body, but useful and buckwheat, and raw.

To the layman, perhaps, it is hard to imagine how you can eat raw buckwheat. Many think that it is absolute nonsense that only a cooked product you can safely eat. However, raw buckwheat contains specific nutrients to enhance immunity, since it is not subjected to heat treatment and loses most useful properties.
Such buckwheat is called green because of the reviving shade: its not treated and it does not acquire traditional dark brown shade.

You can even experiment with green buckwheat: throw it in the water, and just imagine, the next day you will see the green sprouting stalks. All this is due to the fact that it is not exposed to industrial - note - chemical treatment.

Youth in each grain

Want to maintain their youth as long as possible, to help you green buckwheat that contains enough antioxidants that will help slow down the aging process.

Decided to clean the body of toxins, toxins, cholesterol or toxins, and then you will help of green buckwheat. It will save you from the troubles of those who has a tendency to recover due to eating grains swell in the stomach giving a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Green buckwheat gives the effect:
- purification,
- rejuvenation
- improve immunity,
- protect you from the associated stress and anxiety,
- improve the function of the cardiac and gastrointestinal systems.

In the polluted world of chemicals and artificial fillers green buckwheat is completely environmentally friendly product, and it's all thanks to the fact that it is quite unpretentious, its fields are not processed with chemical poisons, and the soil does not require the introduction of industrial fertilizers.

Taste and benefits

Taste quality green buckwheat will probably remind you of the taste of foods such as potatoes or nuts.
The peculiarity of the use of the need to carefully chew each grain, at first you can soak the cereal in the morning, by lunchtime it will saturate with moisture and become a little like the usual mess. You can pour the soaked buckwheat low - fat yogurt- this dish has a pleasant taste and can be the basis of the diet, just remember that it is necessary to alternate this dish with rice or bananas.

Raw buckwheat can be an addition to any dish, salads, meat as a side dish. Don't forget that it improves the process of digestion, so it is easy to digest will help the body even the most heavy and high-calorie foods.