The choice of gift for any occasion the teacher usually is not much difficulty. But when the question concerns what to present a gift to a teacher is a man, here it is necessary a few to think about.

General rules for choosing a gift

Before you choose anything in particular, it is worth remembering that the master – official. Therefore, in any case can not give something very expensive. This same person can be put in a rather awkward position. Exception – a gift from the whole team.
The selected object does not have to be intimate, personal nature.
Such things give only close people.

The gift should not be with any intention, or hint, otherwise it may cause resentment, it is better to select neutral.
Well, if the gift will be original. This means that the giver chose the gift with heart and really desire to please my teacher.

To present a gift to a male teacher

In anticipation of a holiday gift, respectively, can be associated with it. For example, if it's a New year, you can donate a bottle of champagne and box of chocolates with Christmas design.
Gifts like good cognac, gourmet coffee or tea are neutral, so they need beautiful and unusual packaging. And remember, alcohol male teacher giving only in the case if you are his colleague, not a student.

Every teacher have to keep many different records. A set of pens or a high quality pen in a gift box will be a very good solution. Fit diary in good cover, organizer or a beautiful table set. They can be engraved warm and sincere words of congratulations.

The gift can be associated with a subject that was taught by the teacher, for example, disk or multimedia encyclopedia program. Any dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias - also a great choice.

In recent times it has become fashionable to give a gift card. This gift can be presented to the teacher, but it is better still to make something memorable. For example, a collage of photos, which shows a teacher with his students or colleagues, a video with greetings from the students, if the gift collective. If the gift is from one person, you can give something made with your own hands or buy a small souvenir like a mug for tea with a picture of a teacher.

If you decide to give a bouquet of flowers, it should be remembered that men give tall flowers like gladioli or irises.

Any gift you need to choose and give from the heart. Energy such thing always feels very cheap because even a trifle may sometimes remain a person to a long and pleasant memory.