Advice 1: What to get kindergarten teacher

The kindergarten teacher is very challenging and demanding profession. The staff of the kindergarten teach your children communication and other elementary life skills. In gratitude, these invaluable employees can present gifts, at least on some holidays.
What to get kindergarten teacher

Ideas inexpensive gifts for the kindergarten teacher

Give gifts to the teacher accepted in the General and professional holidays: the day of workers of preschool education, her birthday, new year, eight March, and, of course, the graduation party at the kindergarten.

All the holidays you can give a symbolic standard gifts: a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates; a bottle of good wine and fruit; a pair of tea and it tea.

As employees of the kindergarten are mainly women, you will not regret it, if give a basket filled with different cosmetics (masks, creams, salts and foam baths), aromalamp with a set of oils for relaxation or a gift certificate for a small amount to the beauty shop.

What else can you give to a kindergarten teacher

If you want to spend a more substantial sum of money to purchase a gift for a teacher or your child's graduation in kindergarten, in this case, you can consider the following options, for example, plaid, pattern or unusual planters, pillow, relaxation, beautiful service or the same gift certificate, but a more substantial amount of money in cosmetic or jewelry store.
Also has not been canceled gifts in the form of household appliances, then again, if you can afford it: food processors, blenders, microwaves, printers, coffee machines, crock pots, cameras and more.

A good gift can be those items that will be useful in everyday life not only for caregivers, but generally only in kindergarten. These can be rugs with pictures of cartoon or fairy tale characters that are so necessary in the playrooms of the kindergarten; ionizers and humidifiers, so that the skin of children does not dry up; a beautiful picture with child themes; garden benches in the yard of the children's institution, a new aquarium in the living area of the kindergarten.
Some people think of cash gifts "in envelopes", which can be applied to any of the material gifts, but give money to carers, and indeed to any other employees not accepted.

Presenting the teacher of your child a gift, don't forget to make it to the card with a greeting and say some thankful words for the upbringing and care of your child.

Advice 2: Communication of children in kindergarten

In the nursery children mostly play with toys and not with each other, so the problems in communication arise. But in the preparatory group, the situation is different. Children spend a lot of time together, communicate, participate in cooperative games. There are situations when children tell parents about their unwillingness to go to kindergarten. Why may occur such a situation?
Communication of children in kindergarten

First, it depends on the climate of the child's family. If the family are all good, as a rule, the child is very communicative, active and friendly. If, however, have the opposite situation, the child is withdrawn and unsociable. Then you should start with building relationships between family members and need to communicate with the child. Need to find out the reasons for his reluctance to go to daycare and explain to him why this is necessary.

Second, in any group there are leaders. Children often try to be friends and to be good peers, which teachers can Express sympathy. In this case, the child may have bad relations with such leaders, or he can not make friends with them. Should explain to the child that the relationship can improve and praise him in the things that he's good at it. Maybe advise him to show his skills in kindergarten, he was able to make friends with other guys.

The situation has not changed? Then it is necessary to communicate with the tutor. If the group is large, the worker of a kindergarten, it is difficult to restrain the aggressive and arrogant behavior of the children. This is part of his duties, but is possible.

Alternatively, it is possible to communicate with the parents of the child who is hurting the baby. Ask them to talk with their child.

It will be good if from an early age the child will communicate with children their own age: family or cousins and sisters. Then it will be easier to find common language with children in kindergarten, because he will have developed communication skills, will develop a certain pattern of behavior.

But we must not forget that conflict situations can not be avoided. It would be better to explain to the child that in life stuff happens and sometimes rude communication or the rejection of friendship is not to be taken lightly, and should turn a blind eye. After all, everyone is different, with its own characteristics. The sooner he realizes this, the easier it will be to continue to build relationships in the team.

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