Once in the body binds WITH the hemoglobin molecule, making it difficult for them to carry oxygen to the cells, causing the man begins quickly enough to experience suffocation. The first symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is a headache, knock in temples, heaviness in the occipital region, acute shortage of air, noise in the ears. In the future there is a weakness, darkening of the eyes, nausea and vomiting, palpitations, confusion.
Prolonged being in a smoke-filled room comes loss of consciousness, convulsions, breathing becomes shallow, which can lead to death.

After the onset of the first symptoms of poisoning should immediately take action to help the victims to eliminate the effects of poisoning.

Dispose of the source of carbon monoxide

It is necessary to extinguish the fire, turn off the car engine, turn off all electrical and gas appliances, open all the Windows in the smoky room for thorough ventilation. Then as quickly as possible leave this place. Sometimes this is sufficient and after some time the symptoms pass.

Please rate the degree of poisoning

If the poisoning is limited to severe cough, nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath, then it is mild. The victim unbutton your shirt collar to let the fresh air flow.

If confusion or loss of consciousness poisoning has an average degree of gravity. Try to bring the victim to consciousness with the aid of ammonia, RUB his chest with Cologne, wrap a blanket and leave to drink as much liquid as possible.
Fit warm soft drinks, for example, thick black tea or coffee.

In the most serious case of poisoning in addition to loss of consciousness is also observed a reduction in the frequency of breathing and heartbeat. In this situation, you need to start doing artificial respiration and indirect heart massage.

With moderate and severe carbon monoxide poisoning should immediately call an ambulance and send the victim for medical treatment in the hospital, otherwise the consequences could be very serious.

The effects of smoke inhalation

On the second or third day after poisoning may occur toxic pneumonia, treatment which is carried out only in a hospital.

In a large number FROM can have a negative influence on the structure of hemoglobin, which causes the human body to hypoxia and breaks the heart, liver, kidneys, nervous system. Fortunately, the blood is quickly updated, and the damaged hemoglobin is eventually replaced by new cells.

From carbon monoxide poisoning can be long-lasting consequences, as it can survive in cells, causing irreversible changes. So for several years after the incident, the victim may experience heart problems, neurological disorders, cerebrovascular accident.