You will need
  • - drugs-antihypoxic;
  • - medicinal herbs;
  • - oxygen cocktails.
Try to breathe fresh air. If you live in the city, try to walk early morning or late evening when the streets are not so much transport. Try periodically to go to the forest or outside the city. Regularly ventilate the room. Learn proper breathing techniques, which will provide an additional influx of oxygen to the cells. Avoid wearing tight clothing that can impede breathing.
Choose the suitable type of physical activity, the use of which as a whole is invaluable during pregnancy. It can be yoga, Pilates, walking, aerobics. Do gladly and regularly. In this case, after a few weeks you will notice improvement in health and will ensure the prevention of fetal hypoxia, flexibility and good mood.
Consult your gynecologist about prescribing-antihypoxants. Usually, doctors recommend some of them (e.g., Actovegin, instenon) as a preventive measure. Gynecologists often prescribe the rate of oxygen cocktails, which are excellent for the treatment and prevention of hypoxia. Remember that these shakes are best taken in the hospital, or to purchase a device for their production at the pharmacy. Similar drinks are sold on the street or in the shopping malls, not recommended for use during pregnancy due to chemical additives.
Brew tea from herbs that improve blood circulation: the leaves of black currant, lime, Melissa. A list of these plants is much more, but not all of them are permitted to take during pregnancy. This drink is delicious both hot (with honey, lemon, ginger) and chilled (with ice cubes, lime and fresh mint).