Advice 1: What is spring

Today, there are plenty of ways to advertise their products in an original and creative way. The solutions include and spring – promoting perfumes with the help of acquaintance of the consumer with the aroma of a particular perfume. Springa main goal is to increase sales of products through marketing proposals.
What is spring

The basics springa

Modern spring is a promotion in which the potential buyer is given a sample of perfume, so that he could choose and buy any perfume. All promoters involved in springa before work are pretty hard casting, the main condition which is attractive and well-groomed appearance.

The promotion of women's fragrances are for the young girls, promoting men, respectively, young men.

The main objective of the promoters springa is to familiarize the potential buyer with the benefits and advantages of products. Communication with the promoter should cause the consumer the most favorable impression of the product, as well as a desire to return to the store. In order to present the aroma, the promoter should not just speak memorized text, but also to the customer a fascinating dialogue in a relaxed manner. For this reason, from the promoter requires sociability, charisma, friendliness and competence in the field of marketing.

How to spend spring

When transferring the probe to the buyer, the promoter, the conductive spring, need to talk in detail about the advertised flavor. For this purpose you can use the legend or an interesting story about the creation of perfume. Consumer brand loyalty is significantly enhanced by unobtrusive ads, issued in the form of personal contact and a free gift from the shop.

Springy is available not only in perfume boutiques, hypermarkets or shopping centres.

In most cases, a certain perfume brand can sponsor various social events, where the promotion of fragrance using springa would be very appropriate and relevant. The attention of the audience, which will present products at such events is not distracted by other products or presentations of competing brands.

To spend quality spring, first we need to decide on a venue, consider the design of the demonstration area and ensure that on the scheduled date of the neighborhood were no other firms touting their products. If you don't have time for this, you can go to professional agencies offering a range of related marketing services.

Advice 2: What is the charm

Charisma is a human quality is beyond simple and obvious explanation. The strange thing is, some people can look totally usual, not different outstanding achievements, but for some reason all-around simply adore. Sometimes the charm is also called charisma.
What is the charm

And what this man so special?

Despite the fact that others are often considered charming man beautiful, if you look closely, you can see that this is not always the case. But definitely that charismatic people are always a special smile that comes to him and makes them incredibly cute. And when charm and beauty are joined together, it becomes a dangerous mix that puts the person in an almost tangible aura of attractiveness.

As for exclusively feminine charm, this special quality that some women consider a memorable experience, then, according to psychologists, it is associated with sensitivity and emotion. The girl that feels the surrounding world and is able to empathize, always particularly nice to others, especially men. It may have a mediocre appearance, but will never miss the fans.

In the everyday sense, charisma is something a person endowed by nature. Charm either there or it is not, is public opinion. But the image-makers have a different view on this issue. They are laying down the charm on the components and explain what determines the opinions of others about you.

Directional charm

According to psychologists, every person has hidden potential charm. This quality awakens in people when they meet those with whom I feel good and comfortable. For example, when a person falls in love, it's like he glows with happiness from within, and he's normally very charming.

How to be charming

There are some behavioral tools that help people to behave more freely and uninhibited, which, in turn, leads to increased level of charm. According to studies, people perceive and form an opinion about others based on nonverbal signs, which account for about 80-90% of the attention. It is a mimicry, gestures, gait, tone. It people react automatically, this algorithm is built into us by nature.

Very often people, especially in Russia, frowning slightly narrow my eyes or fold your lips in some kind of "antilabor". To check how typical of you, go to the mirror and try to speak as if in front of you audience. If your facial expressions hostile, it is not surprising that people do not meet you with open arms.

Gestures – a special theme for conversation. For many typical defensive or closing gestures, when a person crosses his arms or legs, polutornaya from the interlocutor, as if trying to dissociate itself from him. Equally bad are the gestures of boredom or irritation and boredom when you are coughing, rubbing the tip of the nose or fumble in the hands of a small object.

To become charming, practice open gestures. Turn to the person whole body, smile during a conversation, listen carefully to him. Even these simple gestures will not hesitate to cause amazing effect!

Advice 3: What is communication skills

In the announcements to work you can often see such a requirement for the applicant — good communication skills. What is this quality and why it is so necessary for successful work in a team, it is easy to understand — the ability to interact with others, to establish business and friendly contacts.
What is communication skills
In General, the communication skills, i.e. the ability to find common ground with others is a necessary quality in any work and in personal life. For some people this ability is innate or instilled since early childhood, others have to cultivate it in themselves. This is not as difficult as it may seem. Even uncommunicative, self-absorbed people can become outgoing, it is necessary only the desire and awareness of the importance of communication with others.

Do any sociable person can be called sociable

Not any sociable person can be called communicative. Sociable can be tedious and boring, and the gossip, distractions from work, and brawler looking for a reason for a long hassle. Meeting with such people unwanted neither in the team nor in the family. Some excessive volubility trying to replace the quality of the business — they even are pleasant, they are always ready with an interesting story, gossip, fable, And... only after hours of chatter for such a person, you know that this hour was completely lost without the use.

Similarly, the introverted, taciturn person not necessarily will be dark silent. He briefly and clearly explain to the subordinates what is required of them, will give a clear report to the chief, clearly and to the point answer a question without being distracted by extraneous issues. Is it difficult to call sociable, but such employee in the team — all colleagues... except for those who prefer a more intimate, trusting relationships.

What is true sociability

For a truly sociable person communication is fun. No matter who and what he says, the process is important and is the topic being discussed at the moment. He is able not only to speak but to listen, not only absently to agree, but arguing with a lively desire to defend their point of view without offending the interlocutor.

Also sociable man distinguished by the flexibility in communication with different groups of people, the ability to tune both the child and the old man, and a complete stranger. The ability to quickly and place to find or change the subject, avoiding conflict situations. It is thanks to such qualities, they are indispensable for business meetings and friendly conversations. While sociable person — not necessarily a leader, but the authority in the team he has always.

Cultivate the interpersonal skills necessary to make it not so difficult. The first rule is never to avoid contact. Always answer the questions, do not hesitate to ask, to clarify. And be sure to expand your field of knowledge and vocabulary, for which there is a great opportunity to read and chat with a sociable, pleasant people.
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