Coffee and brandy sponge impregnation

- 2 tbsp of ground coffee;
- 1 tablespoon of brandy;
- 1 tbsp. water;
- 1 tbsp. sugar.

Pour 0,5 glass of water in a saucepan and place on high heat. Dissolve in boiling liquid sugar, stir it until the disappearance of grains and thick, then set aside and pour into a deep plate. Brew coffee based on the remaining water in the coffee pot or the coffee maker. Give him 15-20 minutes to infuse, strain through cheesecloth or fine sieve, combine it with the still warm syrup and cognac. All carefully stir, let cool and soak a biscuit.

Chocolate sponge impregnation

- 1-1,5 tbsp. bitter cocoa powder;
- 200 g of condensed milk;
- 100 g of butter.

Cut butter in small pieces, put in a small saucepan and melt on a water bath. Add condensed milk, stir in cocoa powder and give everything a good stir with a whisk or mixer on minimum speed, achieving a smooth consistency.
Water bath – the design of containers of different sizes, placed one inside the other to mid-height. More dishes all the time over medium heat without boiling hot water, and smaller, immersed in the liquid, is prepared impregnation.

Make impregnation of the sponge cake while it is still hot. It is desirable that the cakes in this, too, was still warm, then the cake will turn out more juicy.

Wine impregnation biscuit

- 2 tbsp of Cahors;
- 1 tbsp. water;
- 1 tbsp. sugar;
- 1 tsp lemon juice;
- a dash of vanilla.

Cook the syrup from the specified volume of water and amount of sugar, pour lemon juice, wine and stir in the vanilla. Impregnation wine cook for another minute, cool it and evenly coat the cakes or RUB them with a cooking brush.

Orange impregnation biscuit

- 1 large orange;
- 3 tbsp of sugar;
- a pinch of cinnamon.

To remove bitterness from orange peel, scald the fruit with boiling water and then dip briefly in cold water. It will also increase citrus scent impregnation.
Remove the zest from orange and chop it with a knife or grate on a fine grater. Squeeze the juice from citrus pulp, strain it and heat over medium heat. Mix it with sugar and cinnamon and byprivate, reducing the temperature of cooking to a minimum.

Periodically stir the orange syrup to prevent burning, until its volume is reduced by half. Wait until it has cooled to 40-50oC and pour the cakes sponge cake.