A good aftershave: what to choose

To choose the right aftershave is not so difficult. It is only necessary to correctly identify the type of own skin and aware of the impact included in the composition components on the skin.

So, men with oily skin should give preference to the refreshing cream after shaving, one constituent of which is alcohol. This substance is perfectly disinfects and refreshes the skin, making it tender and soft. However, too frequent use of refreshing shaving cream can cause redness and peeling on the skin and unpleasant sensations of her tightness.

In addition to alcohol, a common component of refreshing shaving creams is menthol. It has the same effect as the alcohol, perfectly refreshing, toning and protecting the skin from development of all kinds of inflammation and irritation.
To enjoy the refreshing shaving cream that contain alcohol or menthol men with sensitive and dry skin is not recommended.

A good after-shave for men with dry and sensitive skin is moisturizer. However, his choice of the representatives of the stronger sex should be treated with extreme caution. Too thick a moisturizer after shaving can clog pores, which could result in a violation of the processes of heat exchange, the appearance of abscesses and inflammation.

Try to give preference to products with a minimum number of unfamiliar chemical additives. They can easily cause allergic reactions, which not only will give you a bunch of unnecessary problems, but not the best way affect the attractiveness of your appearance.
The main components of a good shaving cream are soap base, various oils, anti-inflammatory medications that make the skin clean and well-groomed.

Shaving cream: selection rules

Important role in the selection of aftershave packaging plays. The most convenient are tools in plastic tubes. This package calls for easy removal of the cream after shaving and allows you to use the whole volume of the contained media. Shaving cream in the cylinders is also popular among the strong half of humanity very popular. However, as practice shows, such a package often oxidized on the outside, and there is absolutely no guarantee that this does not happen with her inside.

Choosing a shaving cream, give preference to products known proven manufacturers. The most popular and reliable companies manufacturing cosmetic products for men are Nivea, ARKO and Gillette.