The residence of the American presidents called the White House and located in Washington, DC. Opening of the residence took place in 1800. Since then, the White House has reached the area of 7.2 hectares and consists of 132 rooms on 6 floors.
George Washington - the only American President who never lived in the White House.

A Treasury Of White House

Every American President lived here with his family in the years of his reign, has added something to the interior of the residence. The most famous reformer design and decoration of the offices and rooms of the White House became the wife of Jacqueline Kennedy. She was sure that it was delivered outstanding examples of medieval furniture. With her patronage of American museums have presented the White House about 150 the best of original old paintings.

Also from John Kennedy left oak Desk — gift of Queen Victoria. The Desk is in the office of the President and is recognized as a historic relic. In one of the offices of the residence is a vanity of the President's wife Eleanor Roosevelt.

In the State dining room is the sugar bowl Martha Washington, as well as the coffee pot of silver Abigail Adams. There's also engraving on the mantel immortalized the message of President Adams to his wife. This message now has the character of prayer.

In the famous Porcelain room displays a collection of items of glass and porcelain. Bronze walls of the room decorated with portraits of the first lady. The interior of the Oval office exposed to the most frequent changes associated with the coming to power of new presidents.

Of Obama's Addiction

President Bush at the time, they replaced the sculpture at the painting with the Texas nature. The current Governor, Obama replaced them with paintings of Frederic Gassama and Norman Rockwell. So, now in the oval office there is a picture of Flag Day and "Working on the statue of Liberty." Also Obama replaced the oval office's bust of Winston Churchill on the bust of Martin Luther king.

During the reign of Clinton in the White House was the sculpture "the Thinker" Rodin's famous.

The couple also Obama leased from the Washington Museum 7 contemporary paintings from Asia, Europe and Africa. Hanging in one of the working offices of the White House painting "nice", written in 50-ies of the last century Russian painter Nicolas de Stael. For your apartment Fund acquisitions, the White House bought at auction a picture of Jacob Lawrence "Builders". In one of the offices there are 2 bronze sculptures of master Edgar Degas.