How to start the warning fires on the enterprise

Fire safety is a system of interconnected measures, which enable to protect the property and personnel of enterprises from the devastating and destructive action of the fire element. Work begins on the fire prevention with the preparation of the order, which include the basic provisions, practical recommendations and clear instructions regarding the protection of buildings from fires. A Supplement to this document will be the list of officials who are responsible for preventing fire risks.

An important element of preventive work on prevention of fires – regular briefings and information provision. On instructing every member of the staff is familiar with issues of direct relevance to fire safety. Responsible Manager always ensures that to work in fire hazard areas were allowed only those employees who are trained in safety measures when handling flammable and explosive substances and full training.

A detailed and descriptive plan for the evacuation of employees in case of fire should be placed in a conspicuous place on each storey industrial and commercial buildings. There's also a good idea to post summary information about the priority actions of personnel in case of fire.
Not to get lost in an emergency situation will help the signs pointing to the places where the means of extinguishing the fire.

The basics of fire safety

The duty of the Director is to strictly enforce fire safety measures all employees and to ensure the prevention of fires within the time specified in the order. The heads of departments and individual sections acquaint employees with the rules of conduct in emergency situations directly in the workplace.

Instructions services, which lead the fire Department, stated that each company should be equipped with a modern fire alarm system and efficient fire extinguishing agents. The Arsenal of such funds will largely depend on the characteristics of production and use of enterprise technologies. More stringent requirements exist for those industries where you are working with materials that are dangerous from the point of view of possible ignition.
In case of a fire hazard situation should provide special places for storage of personal protective equipment.

Designated Smoking area should be outside production areas. It is very important that evacuation routes of staff were at any time free and available for unimpeded access to the outside. If there are areas where an open flame, there is a must create special conditions and introduce more strict controls. Every employee should know that violation of fire regulations will be followed by strict disciplinary action.