In youth fashion, it is possible to highlight General trends that relate not only to clothing, but also total fashionable behavior.

Trendy behavior

The first thing to say - there was a fashion to follow him. Most of the young boys and girls visit the gym and jog in the morning. Social networking has never been such a huge number of communities where the main theme is healthy living and proper nutrition.

Other fashionable occupation can be called handmade. Every self-respecting girl trying to make something.
Very often, doing embroidery on clothes, create fashion accessories, sewing and embroidering collars, making homemade soap.

Another trendy "disease" is photography. This requires a good camera, the ability to use and knowledge of one of the computer processing programs.

Fashion clothes

To find out what direction preferred by young people, just go to any youth online store and see the collection this season.

Now in Vogue bright colors, clothing and accessories. In the trend are things with obvious effect sensenot: worn jeans with holes or stains, tearing the edges of the skirts and short shorts. Moreover, popular is the combination of the bottom with a glamorous top, ie., blouses of delicate colors, blazers and bright chunky accessories.

Fashion accessories among young people for the last 2 years are headbands embroidered with beads and various rhinestones.
Latest fashion trends have become pockets on dresses and skirts, and stitched the spikes on clothing. It makes way more badass. Trendy skirts can be called or pencil skirts, or, conversely, developing a playful skirt of thin fabric with belt at waist.

Preferred sweater chunky knit and boxy fit, and cropped jackets. In autumn and spring was in fashion boots "timberland", and both male and female models. And in winter, all without exception began to wear hats of sticking on the back of his head. In trend, there were those who boldly wore the hat, boots, "timberland" and the classic coat. In outerwear, there is a trend to the leather inserts.

If you try to deduce some General pattern of the fashion trends among young people, it is unlikely it can be done. Clothing and accessories of all brands are very similar, but many different ways to combine them and give preference to different colors, so that a variety of youth styles.