To remove normal plaque is enough to remove Tartar. Doctors offices clinics apply safe methods of whitening. Today, there are many procedures and systems effectively removes plaque. After a medical examination, if no contraindications, is assigned to the preparation for the procedure. After the doctors wishes of the patient, prepares the mouth for the application of a special paste. Due to its chemical composition it changes the color of the enamel without internal penetration.

There is a more effective teeth whitening. This is done applying the gel where the reaction begins under the action of a laser or special lamp. Lightening is stronger and looks better than in the first embodiment. This method is much more expensive than the first.

In order to avoid contact with a reactive composition of the gums lubricated pasta with coffeeroom. After the teeth are covered with composition containing fluoride to reduce sensitivity. Currently, the most popular system of Zoom 3. Whitening of dead teeth is from the inside, only if properly sealed channel.

There is also a cheap method that can be performed at home. For this procedure, a special nozzle sold nausniki - "Kappa". They require the selection of parameters for each individual. This method whitens in time slowly enough - about 1.5 - 2 weeks. The procedure is similar to bleaching the hair with peroxide.

After the procedure is to form the salivary film (over 3 hours). This is done to the natural formation of the cuticle layer, which covers and protects our teeth. After whitening is not recommended Smoking and food containing dyes, active substances (coffee, green tea, Coca Cola and so on).

Contraindications and side effects of deep whitening many, and each will be individual. For example, the enamel loses its former strength, but if the teeth have been sealed, all seals will have to be replaced by new and after doing whitening.