Defeat scab

Scab of fruit trees is a colony of microscopic fungi – conidia, and they multiply by spores. The greatest damage occurs in years with high rainfall. During the flowering garden of the colony of mushrooms found in the kidneys, ovaries, flowers. The most severely scab affects plants in dense plantings and old trees. With a strong spread of this disease can completely lose a crop.

Lose trees scab occurs at a young age and brings the greatest harm. In this period, the crust displays a small swelling, which then burst, allowing disputes of the fungus to spread freely. And dry up damaged branches can die and the whole tree. On fruits there are small spots of plaque velvety olive green, then they increase in size, the tissues of the fruit or the leaves under the spots dies. Severely infected fruit crumble.
In severe cases of scab garden need to spray the trees soon after flowering drugs, "Fast", "chorus", "Ditanam".

How can you fight scab of fruit trees

It is impossible to neglect the garden business. In order to consistently obtain high yields of apples, to prevent disease, it is therefore necessary to pay due attention to agriculture and use of chemical preparations to prevent the outbreak of scab.

Agricultural cultivation of fruit

There are developed rules of planting fruit plants. If they strictly follow, you can reduce the likelihood of outbreaks of scab in the garden. For this you need to carefully choose the place for the garden planting, provide them with necessary reclamation measures (to divert excess water) before planting of fruit trees to cultivate the soil and fertilize it.

Most important in this list is the requirement to be used for planting varieties of plants resistant to this disease and healthy intact seedlings. Need to clean up fallen leaves and dig up the top layer of soil, and thin out the crown of Mature plants for better ventilation and illumination.
Relatively resistant to scab varieties Apple varieties are Jonathan, "Pippin saffron", "Antonovka", "Topaz" and others.

The use of chemicals

To get a good crop of apples, you need to plan well in advance. In the autumn, after the harvest and before leaf fall, treat the trees and the soil under them with a solution of urea (carbamide). The dosage is per 10 litres of water 600 grams of urea. Repeat spraying the following year, in early June.

In conditions of high humidity during the period of Bud blossoming of fruit trees you can spray 3% solution of Bordeaux fluid. For the second time in the phase of formation of flower buds sprayed with 1% solution of copper oxychloride or drugs "Suprasil", "Rubigan".

Using a combination of agronomical and chemical methods of controlling scab, you can be sure that the harvest will be saved.