Download software K-Lite Codec Pack. This program is the most popular package of codecs to view different videos and listen to audio. The program comes in several versions. Depending on the version number of codecs included with the program is different. Choose your optimal version, according to your needs. Install the program, watching each step of the installation and selecting the options relevant to your computer.
The installed program will continuously monitor their updates, along with updated codecs. Make sure your computer has a stable Internet connection. Now, each time you start the media program K-Lite Codec Pack will also run and check the latest codecs on remote servers. Any program update will be accompanied by a notification in which the program will ask what specifically updated or the latest codecs you need to install.
In order that the codecs are updated often, and their number was maximum, install the extended version of the program. There is also a paid version of the program K-Lite Codec Pack, however their capabilities are extremely big to use the program at home.