The necessary temperature conditions for the onions

Here you should choose the place where is not too hot, but not excessively cold. To preserve the useful qualities are welcome zero temperature, but not above 15-18 degrees. If the room will be warmer, that is a risk that the storage of onions can encounter such problems, as its germination. Of course, the green onions are not less useful and also rich in vitamins, but for the owners it is important that the process of its growth has been controlled, otherwise the meaning of the reserves it onion just disappears.
At temperatures below zero bow corny freezes, as well as any other vegetable, then you can use it, but not expecting further long-term storage.

The level of humidity for storage of onions in the apartment

It is important that it was not higher than 60-70%, otherwise the onions may begin to rot. This can be avoided in two ways:
- creating bow sealed environment, which can be a conventional glass three-liter jar with a lid, that's just too much onions in there and not put the bulbs will have to sort by size;
- regularly browsing the inventory on time and removing from the total mass of rotting heads.
Ideally, it is desirable to arrange such storage conditions, in which the bow will be in the way of flow of circulating air and this is largely depends not only on the presence of drafts, but also on storage conditions.

Preparing onions for storage

Almost as important as to choose the appropriate conditions to prepare for storage of the bow. For this purpose it should be carefully dried, and, if possible, to remove it at that period of time when there is no precipitation. Typically the onions are dried outdoors in the sun it takes a few hours in the shade of a couple of days. But if this is not possible, then you can dry the harvest including the electric dryer or the oven.

How to store onions in the apartment

Here you should use any container that will allow the bow to clear my head. The classical method of storage is hung from the bow braids, woven in the likeness of the wreath. In this embodiment, the bow is convenient not only to keep but also to use the cropping scissors, one head, dismissing the entire braid. You can also fold the bow in any wooden or plastic box with sufficient holes in the bottom and at the sides for air circulation. In this approach, the bow will be stored for a long time and will not lose its properties.