When it is necessary to use a folk remedy to lower the temperature

It is believed that while the body temperature of the sick person is kept in the range of 38.5 ° C the lower it should not, at this temperature, no harm to the body, but the bacteria begin to die. However, if this trait is passed, the heat has to be down to man lost consciousness and his blood began to happen irreversible processes. High temperatures can lead to memory loss or weakening of concentration, provoke imbalance of metabolism.

But not all such patients can be given potent drugs. Young children, pregnant women and lactating mothers to reduce the high temperature should be checked using folk remedies, which include tea or jam as well as beverages prepared on the basis of some berries that have antipyretic effect.

The berries, which can reduce the temperature

Antipyretic effect is strawberries, which should be consumed after eating fresh or in jam with water or compote with lemon juice. If the strawberry is fresh, its amount should be limited to 50 grams.
Contraindications for the use of cranberry are diseases of the stomach and duodenum, because cranberry increases the acidity of gastric juice.

An excellent febrifuge remedy is cranberry. Fresh it is quite acidic and not all children will agree it is, but in the form of fruit and jams quite edible. Those who are not afraid of cranberry acidity, you should eat 2-3 tablespoons, crushed berries. In this form you can add them to tea or just drink water. In addition, based drinks cranberries and most berries have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, tonic and diuretic effects, just full of "ammunition" necessary to the patient struggling with the flu or other respiratory infection.
Raspberry is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive, it also cannot be used in cases of acute gastritis, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, because it has a lot of fiber.

To lower the temperature using other berries – raspberries, it is a natural source of salicylic acid, therefore, traditional teas, infusions and raspberry jam was used for the treatment of colds as a potent antiseptic. But lately, doctors began to warn that drinking tea with raspberry jam, as well as milk with honey, and causes profuse perspiration. The temperature thus falls, but a lot of the excess water leaves through sweat. This may increase the risk that the remaining glucose will be a favorable environment for feeding colonies of bacteria in the internal organs, which can cause complication on the kidneys, pyelonephritis, and inflammation of the bladder.