In order to social network Twitter to download videos, you must create on the desktop of your computer specially designed folder. To do this, click the right mouse button on a blank spot on your desktop and select the menu item "new folder". Name it for example "Video".
Connect digital media to the computer via a USB port or other available methods. Locate the video file you want to upload to Twitter. Copy it to the desktop in a folder "Video".
You should then register an account on any hosting. The choice is yours. It could be YouTube, or Vimeo, Twiddeo. Registration is free and no different from registering on other sites.
Once registered, log in to your account on the hosting and click on the button "Download". After the open the file selection window, open the folder your video file and paste in the suggested window. Review published the video, to make sure it booted up just fine.
Click on the page hosting the "Share" button. After that, a line will appear with the source link. Copy it, select with your mouse, then select the menu item "Copy". You can copy the link from the address bar of the browser in the same way.
Then sign in to your account in "Twitter", write a title for your video and a few words of comment. Then paste your link (menu item "edit" – item "Paste").
Similarly, you can post your videos in social networks "Vkontakte" and share the video with friends across all social networks using the special features of the site and intuitive interface. This can be links to any videos you like, not just your personal.