Freezing as method of preservation BlackBerry

Ripe fresh blackberries can be preserved for winter in various ways. It's used to make delicious compotes and stewed fruits-meats and jams and preserves. But all methods involving heat treatment, is not allowed to retain in full all the useful properties of these berries, in particular, jams and jams after a long cooking is no longer any vitamins.

The only method that will allow you to save all the healing, healthy and taste quite delicate BlackBerry is freezing. Moreover, the quick freeze in the initially very low temperature will preserve the original and appetizing appearance of the berries. If the functionality of your freezer and its volume allows you to implement this method of preservation, it must be done correctly, especially since to learn this is a snap.

How to freeze blackberries

To wash berries before freezing may be, but we need to very carefully go through and sort. In the freezer goes only those berries that retain their integrity, strength, and elasticity, even if they are slightly unripe. Delete all assembled together with berries debris – twigs, leaves may fall and the insects that also like the BlackBerry.
Store frozen blackberries should be no more than a year, from harvest to harvest.

You can freeze it two ways. By the first method, the berries need to lay in a single layer on a large cutting Board and place in the freezer, with the minimum possible value of temperature. As BlackBerry – berry medium-sized, at -18 ° C freeze it for 1 hour. Frozen berries put in a separate plastic bag and put it in the freezer compartment, intended for storage of vegetables and fruits. On a cutting Board lay out a new batch.
If you want to use frozen blackberries for the heat treatment, defrost it before cooking is not necessary.

For the second method you will need two times more plastic bags. Prepared to freeze berries spread out on packages in the package should be placed no more than 1 Cup of berries. Packages tie, leaving the air to berries not hesitated. Then each package is put into another and tie it the same way. Packs put in the freezer in a single layer. When the berries are frozen, pour them into plastic containers with lids to make it easier to store.