Choose the style

Girls with small Breasts will not fit solid sport swimwear, and they only accentuate the lack of relief. The same effect will give and bikinis with a bodice in the shape of triangles. But the small chest looks great in a bathing suit with a bodice-strapless bandeau. The more assemblies and draperies it will have, the better. If you have broad shoulders, give preference to the bodice in a twisted bandage ruching and thin, closely drawn up by the straps-spaghetti. To fit narrow shoulders, strapless bodice with wide draped straps.

Another win - win situation- bikini or one-piece swimsuit with molded cups fitted with pads of foam and bones. Impressive looking two-layer model - for example, a bodice of thick lycra, top is covered with a gathered semi-sheer polyester. Enlarge Breasts will help swimsuit with a bodice corset with lace-up closure, vintage style, and a stylized "linen" swimsuit with rigid cups. Suit and bikini with halter-loop, wide or narrow.

Color and finish

Enlarge Breasts will help and the correct coloring of the swimsuit. The easiest option - bright, upper part complete with dark bottom. Such bikini or two-tone one-piece swimsuit will not only make the Breasts bigger, but will adjust heavy thighs. Looks very impressive with the combination of white bodice with black or blue swimming trunks. You can select and elegant combination in the same range, for example a light purple top in a duet with a purple hem.

When choosing shades, keep in mind that there are colors that visually increase the volume. This warm pastel colors - pink, peach, yellow, soft beige. Sophisticated cool colors visually reduce the breast, so it is better to avoid.

Swimsuit does not have to be monotonous. Enlarge Breasts will help transverse stripes, polka dots, large floral prints and abstract patterns. A striking technique - combine two types of pattern. For example, the lower part of the swimsuit can decorate small speckles, and the top is a large contrast to the peas. For those who want to give body a perfect shape, fit two-tone solid swimwear with contrast side panels.

Add breast volume will help and decor in the upper part of the swimsuit. It can be of various draperies, solid color ruffles, flowers, fully covering the cups. Very simple method - big finish, for example, three-dimensional bow or flower brooch. Will increase the chest and a textured fabric - for example, with compressed effect and also shiny material. If you are on the beach wearing a sarong, tie it on the hips and on the chest is a large knot will make your profitable proportion.